Order! Order! Order in the Home!



In a courtroom, a judge bangs a gavel and cries out ORDER and everyone settles down.  Why?  Because the judge has the authority to demand order and to mete out consequences when that order does not come.  It is an authority given to them by the government when they are sworn in to their position.

Too often we cry out for order in our homes and yet there is no answer.  There is no resounding peace, no order in response to our cry.  Why is that?  Could it be a lack of true authority in the home today?  Let’s take a peek at what authority and order truly are.

Authority is a power or right, delegated or given.  An order is authoritative instruction and the state of order is a condition in which each thing is properly disposed with reference to other things and to its purpose.

What does this mean to me, at home?  It means that I need to understand that God is the Ultimate Authority and have a revelatory knowledge about the authority He has delegated within our home.  In a marriage covenant, God has placed my husband as the head of our home, the one ordained to instruct those within our home with loving authority.  That means he is also our covering, protector, and the one responsible for the safety and well being of those within his care.  As mothers, we have authority and responsibility to instruct our children and protect and care for them.

When our home is in order, it means that (according to the dictionary definition) each thing within the home -people, attitudes, ideals, and even ‘stuff’- is properly used according to its purpose and in relation to the other things within the home.  

That means that I (the wife) and our (6) children understand that true authority flows from God and also from the husband.  It means that my husband understands that authority is his and walks in it (and I, as his wife, supports him!).  It means that I honor Duane and respect him and delight in blessing him.  It means that we understand the full scope of parenting and walk in it — again delighting in it– understanding the responsibility of loving and training and discovering the little people that God has entrusted to us.  Order also means that our home is well taken care of and that the needs of those within our home are met to the best of our abilities.  It means being content and having an attitude of love and a perspective of gratitude.

Each year we try to re-focus on establishing ORDER in our home with a consciousness and purpose we’ve not had before.  Each year we try to grow a little deeper, a little more intimate with the Beloved and a little closer with one another.  We are getting rid of things that clutter our space and also our time.  We are respecting each other and each learning to be responsible for certain areas of care around the home.  We are investing time into relationships with each other and into growing spiritually as individuals and corporately.  

I have loved waking up these past few mornings and coming out to my husband sitting at the table reading the Bible.  I have loved grabbing my Bible and reading alongside of him.  We are both enjoying doing devotions with our children each night and will have read through most of Scripture with our kids by the time the year is half gone.  This weekend, I’m going to make a special area near our easy chair with a little lamp, hubby’s Bible and journal, and a coaster to hold his coffee mug.  I am going to set up the coffee pot at night so that he can have it in the morning.  When the head of the home is sowing the right seeds, the harvest within the home is even more bountiful than any we can imagine!  Sweet sisters, I encourage you to pray and ask God what your husband would be blessed and encouraged by…and then to do it.  Our husbands are precious gift!


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    Lisa, the last line of this post is truly AMAZING!!! I may have to “borow it”.
    I love this post and LOVE the way its so beautifully worded!
    I think its wonderful that you and your husband are reading the bible together as well!
    We’ve started back doing Bibe Stories with our children! It has gone by really well the past two nights and even the baby sits quietly and listens! I am so excited about personal challenges for this year!!!!

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    I really enjoyed your post! You make so many great points here…I am new to visiting your blog…I love that we are on the same track about being wise as we Build our homes this year. 😀 I will be back to get more inspiration soon! 😀

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

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    Very well done Lisa that is God’s Divine Order for every home and when we step out of our roles in the home we are being disobedient to God’s Will. We know that there is no perfect home or marriage but when things happen we must first ask ourselves did I step out of my role in the Marriage.

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    It is such a struggle in todays society to submit to authority, but it is the only way that calm is made out of chaos. For some reason most people understand that a goverment is important to the well being of a society, but we overlook the governing of our households.

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    Lisa, I love this! It’s one of those hard-truths that’s hard to love, but I do. I think we CRAVE that authority because it makes us feel safe and loved. I may roll my eyes when Tim gets upset if I’m late without calling, but honestly, I feel LOVED and VALUED because he worried. It’s the same with God. His authority covers us in a protective love and our life-joy waits for us there. We’ve been lied to for so long that when we whisper the word ‘submit,’ we honestly believe we have the right to argue. It’s a sad shape to be in, but only TRUTH can undo a LIE. I’m choosing to saturate my life with truth. <3
    Love wins.

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    I am trying to establish this order in my own life… in my own heart and I think it’s going to have positive godly affects on this home. God is so good to guide us out of disorder and into His perfect order. Great post, thank you!

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    What a great post. Completely exemplifies a Proverbs 31 woman. Thank you for sharing a moment of your life with such profound words. God bless you and your family.

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    This is such a great perspective for the new year, and it sounds like you have gotten off to an excellent start, making the best things the priorities. I’m smiling for you in anticipation of how you’ll be blessed! Thanks so much for posting this on the first Marriage Monday of 2011. It took me a little while to read all of the posts this week … I was focused on some order here at home. :)

    New year blessings to you!
    – Julie

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