What are you looking at?

look at Me and be saved
Isaiah 45:22 says, “Look to Me, and be saved…What are you looking at today? I know I started the day looking at the mess I had to clean, the school work yet to complete, the bills I’m not sure how we’re going to pay, and the frigid weather outside. It’s no wonder I found myself battling against frustration and exhaustion. No where does God tell us to look at our problems and become frustrated. No, He bids us to look at Him and see our salvation.

When I look to God, truly look at God, I can see naught but His glory. It makes everything else fade and realigns my priorities. I am overcome by His grace, and that fact that as whiny, self-pitying, and obstinate as I can be, He still calls me His Beloved. I look at my sin, which overwhelms me on a daily basis, and bask in His mercy.

Suddenly, all of the things I saw when I got out of bed this morning were reduced to a part of life, and my focus became His love. When I look at God, I understand His greatness. When I look at God, I am touched by His love. When I look at God, I am changed in His glory. When I look at God, my heart begins to look more like His.

It is time to be more intentional with how I live; to look -intentionally- at God and the gift of salvation, before I look anywhere else or at anything else. To pray, to listen, to seek, to meditate on the “things above, not on things below” and to know Him “in the power of his resurrection” and the “fullness of his glory.” What are you looking at today?


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