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DATE NIGHT (noun): an event where two people who love each other rekindle their spark with fun, laughter, meaningful conversations, and activities to ignite the romance.

  • Have fun together on unique yet simple dates, both at home or out-and-about. A whole year's worth of dates!
  • Finally get regular date nights in without the stress of planning and preparing! Simple and spectacular.
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couple laughing outside

"My husband and I have been
stuck on the TV show binge
merry-go-round rut;
this was a fun & creative way
to change things up!

We both really enjoyed it!" ~Beth

I Hear You.
It's Not Easy.

We’ve all heard the advice:
Weekly date nights are SO important for your marriage!

Okay, sure, maybe they are, but when's the last time you planned one?

You have to decide what to eat, what to wear, what to do,
line up a sitter, and stay awake in time to make it home, pay the sitter, and...

well, fall into bed.
Because that was a lot of work.

And have you seen the cost of a date night these days?

Movie Tickets: $20
Dinner: $40 or more
Babysitter: $40 (if you're lucky!)

Before you know it, you’ve spent more than $100 on date night
and you still don't feel closer or more delighted with your marriage.

No wonder it doesn't happen as often as you'd like.

couple making a heart with their hands

"As a parent of 5 kiddos,
the intimate time together can be
rushed or squeezed in.

This has inspired us to slow down
and allow for time to be
like it used to be before kids.

It's led us to GREATER 
INTIMACY all around. Thank you!"

What If You Could Shake That
"Roommate Vibe" For Good?
It's Time To Be Lovers, My Dear!

Imagine falling in love all over again with the person you do life with

instead of wondering what what happened to the people you used to be.

Imagine turning your focus on each other instead of turning on the TV
(psst...there's way more fun things to turn on...).

Imagine stealing steamy kisses because you can't keep your hands off each other
instead of giving a quick kiss when you hand off the keys.

Imagine sharing sweet smiles filled with memories of the last date night...
and sweet promises for the next one.

It's time
for intentional yet simple date nights!


Will This Work For You?

Oh my, yes!


Life is busy, you're tired, and you don't have all day to plan a special date night. That's okay!

All the hard work is already done.

Simply text the included invite, follow your easy pre-date checklist, and watch the magic happen.


No more stressing about what to do, where to go, what to talk about, or what's going to happen at the end.

With your pre-date checklist, date night activities, conversation prompts, and even tips for transitioning to romance, the only thing you have to do is show up.


These dates are lavish on romance, but not expenses.

No more wasting money to go out and do the same old thing you've gotten used to.

Break the mold and have a marvelous time together with intentional (but frugal) romance.