You'd give anything to have Quiet Time with God each day -- if only you could find some quiet.

The FREE Grace-Filled Guide To Finding Quiet Time: Savoring Still Moments In A Life That's Loud shows busy moms (like you!) how to make it happen every day.

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Here's what to expect with your Guide To Finding Quiet Time

  • A simple, actionable plan to make the Bible a part of your daily life
  • Ways that work for moms in different seasons of parenting
  • Lots and lots of grace

More than 4,000 moms are using these simple solutions to enjoy
quiet time every day...and enjoying the fruit of the Word in their homes because of it.

Don't wait another day looking for elusive quiet time.

"I never knew how to make it happen before, but now it's simple and it actually happens every day!"
~ Amy, toddler mom

"This has changed our entire family; even my kids are closer to Jesus now that I know how to have quiet time."

~Lee, large family mom

"I'm showing my kids what matters and making it happen...and it's not even hard."
~Jennifer, homeschooling mom

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As a mom with 8 kids, I know what it's like to want to need your quiet time with Jesus, but never be able to find a quiet moment.

That's okay; that's not what quiet time is really about.

In this simple guide, I help busy moms (like you!) find time to connect with Jesus in simple ways each day.

Don't wait any longer to have your time with Jesus each day!

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