"I'm so tired of reading Proverbs 31 and realizing that I'll never be enough."

Girlfriend, you are not alone in thinking that.

women leaning her head against the wall in frustration

If you read the Bible and see a bunch of standards leaving you feeling "less than"...

If you come away from talking to domestically inclined friends feeling "not good enough"...

If you've started to think, "I just can't be that woman"...

It's time to throw that junk out with the trash, where it belongs.

It's time to stop wishing you could smother the Proverbs 31 woman
with her hand spun linen pillow.

It's time to grab a cup of coffee, read the Word, and recover your joy.

If you're exhausted from striving, and know there has to be more...

If you want to read the Bible and feel like you finally 'get' what God is saying about your life, today...

If you want a meaningful quiet time with God, but can't even find a way to use the bathroom by yourself...


woman reading book on best christian dating practices

Beloved, prepare to be transformed!

Because that's what will happen
when Proverbs 31 meets the Gospel.


This is not your old-fashioned, virtuous woman discussion where you leave with a list of how to be a better wife, better mom, better Christian.

Oh no, we're throwing the to-do lists out the window where they belong and diving into a better relationship with God instead.

You won't need a theology degree to decode it, either. It won't take hours from your already packed week. And it won't leave you feeling defeated.

-----> That's not what the Gospel does, dear one. 

Instead, we are going to pull Proverbs 31 out of the dark shadows frustrated Christian women have kicked it into and shine the breathtaking light of the Gospel on it.

This isn't just a devotional or journal. It's an EXPERIENCE.

You're going to experience grace & the Gospel...

Release the guilt & condemnation of not measuring up...

Delight in who you are instead of feeling like you need to be someone else...

...even if you can't find the time to drink your coffee while it's hot or find a pair of matching socks.

It's that simple.


  • community and encouragement

    through weekly e-mails, group conversations,
  • & the occasional extra special surprise

  • the Bible

    with a simple printable journal that points you continuously back to the Bible...because the Word of God is where you find joy, peace, truth, freedom, and life

  • keepsake record of your journey

  • Each virtue has a lovely hand-illustrated piece of artwork worthy of framing that you can color (or enjoy as is!). 

  • And then there's your journaling pages where you will:

  • >  pray the Word...simply

    >  memorize the Word...easily​​​​

  • >  apply the Word...practically​​​​
  • >  experience the Word...richly
  • >  encounter the Word...intimately

weekly videos

Each week you'll get e-mails with links to a video on the virtues we are studying...PLUS we'll have some coffee talk video time where I'll let you know when you can hop on for a live chat with me and others in our community, to encourage each other

weekly e-mails

Weekly insights for that week's topics and encouragement for you as you dive into the freedom and grace of the Gospel message of Proverbs 31

We won't let you miss a thing and you won't ever feel like you're drowning. 

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