You're here because you wonder if it's possible. IT IS.

You CAN Read The Whole Bible
Cover To Cover In Just 90 Days!

Do you long to grow deeper in the Word, but just don't know how?

Have you dreamed of "someday" reading through the entire Bible, but have never been able to find the time?

What if you could change that right now, in only 90 days?

read the bible cover to cover

Join more than 3,000 women from 17 countries who have made the commitment! It's time...

You CAN read the Bible cover to cover even if you're a busy woman short on time.

 "If I were to describe our life in one word it would be busy.  Before the challenge of reading my Bible in 90 days I often didn’t think about reading it until I was in bed ready to fall asleep. Now I'm more than halfway through...

You CAN go from Genesis to Revelation even if you've started but never finished before.

     ....I actually don’t ever remember reading my Bible from cover to cover.  I tried.  I would get started, but never finish...and now I am currently half way done with reading the Bible and I can’t explain the impact is has had on me!...

You CAN pick up your Bible with purpose and uncover awesome new insights.

      ...I see things and make connections to things that I have never seen before.When I started this challenge I told myself, “Just read.”  And now "Just read" has turned into a time of wonder and excitement.  I look forward to it because I am excited to see the connections from the previous readings."

When is the last time you looked at your life and examined it? Here are 4 clues you need to get your priorities straight. #priorities #focus #onething

Got Questions?

That's okay, here's what you need to know!

It’s an amazing experience to read through the Bible from cover to cover!

And when you do it in such a short amount of time, it’s breathtakingly beautiful because you make connections you’d otherwise miss from book to book and promise to promise.

You’re not doing it alone! Being a part of a community and having that encouragement? It helps you stay the course.

Weekly e-mails, check ins, prayer support, and more make this different.

AND SO DO YOU…you, my dear, are special and God will doing something miraculous in your life when you do this.

Just fill out the form and check your inbox! It’s easy-peasy!

We officially kick off January 1, 2020…but you can do this ANY TIME.

Most people do it in less than an hour a day…and some of us do 15-30 minutes two or three times a day. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing all kinds of fun tips to help you make it happen!

Sure, you’re busy…but you are also really ready to do it or you wouldn’t be reading this. So let’s MAKE a way…together. I’ll be emailing you my top tips (and trust me, I’m a busy mom of 8 so I get it!).

Are You Ready? Let's DO THIS THING!

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