Kiss roommate status buh-bye & Ignite The Romance in your marriage with just one date night a month...


picture of year of romance digitally and printed out
Total cost for an entire year of romance? ONLY $19 ($47 value)
Question box: "What if the romance is fizzling...instead of your marriage sizzling?"

You'll get it back someday. Maybe. You hope.

But today? Today the house is clean(ish), the kids are taken care of, and the only thing getting turned on at the end of the night is the TV.

You miss the sizzle, but where does it even fit in these days?! Even date nights sound stressful.

You have to decide what to wear, where to eat, what to do, line up a sitter, and stay awake in time to make it home, pay the sitter, and...well, fall into bed. 

Because all that was a lot of work and you're too tired for anything else. Somehow, this wasn't how you'd imagined it going. 

And then there's the cost of a date night these days. Oh my... 

Movie Tickets: $20 Dinner: $40 Babysitter: $40 

Before you know it, you’ve spent $100 & you still don't feel closer or more delighted with your marriage. Sigh.  

If you're longing for a night together that's less "meh" and more marvelous, then this is for you...

picture of year of romance digitally and printed out
only $19
Question box: "ready to say goodbye to boring date nights and make some marriage boosting magic?"

You, my dear, are in the right place!

You truly want to spend time together, but you're soooo over the Netflix and takeout routine. You're ready for:

  • Delicious feelings of anticipation for your time together  
  • Conversations focused on nurturing a deeper connection (instead of on kids, the house, and the never-ending To Do list)  
  • New, exciting, enjoyable experiences that leave you both feeling fulfilled

That's EXACTLY what you get with these 12 carefully curated, simple-to-enjoy date nights!

Testimonial image: "My husband and I have been stuck on the TV show binge merry-go-round rut; this is a fun & creative way to change things up! We both really enjoy it!

Having date nights that excite (even when you're exhausted from life and kids) really is possible. I promise.

With a houseful of kids, 3 jobs between the two of us, and something always needing attention around the house, it was understandable that we didn't go on a lot of dates.

But when our anniversary rolled around and we realized that our last date night had also been to celebrate our anniversary, we knew something had to change! 

We learned how to have date nights that were creative and doable - sometimes that meant having them at home and sometimes we went out. But we always focused on each other and growing closer. It changed everything!

And now we're sharing our date night secret-sauce with you!

Hey there! I'm Lisa, wife & busy mama of 8...and I can't wait to help you enhance your marriage with meaningful date nights. (and photo of Lisa)

The impact regular date nights made on our marriage was incredible!

  • I felt seen and heard and cherished like when we were first falling in love. 
  • After only a couple of intentional date nights we were sharing secret smiles and stealing kisses whenever we could...even with toddlers, teens, and in-betweens running around the house. We were in love...again!
  • We were happier, even on the weeks we didn't have a date. The little things that used to drive us nuts were suddenly simple problems we could solve...together.
  • Our kids noticed the difference, too. They told us it felt good to see their parents in love and even if we held hands and kissed "too much," it was nice because it felt secure. 
  • We learned how to prioritize true intimacy; we were connecting mind, heart, and body.
collage of us on dates

If you're ready to grow deeper together, enjoy one another again, and get your flirt on...this is for you!

only $19

Even if you're busy parents, romance matters -- and it's not as hard as you think to make it happen!

Product Review Quote: "As a parent of 5 kiddos, the intimate time together can be rushed or squeezed in. This has inspired us to slow down and allow for time to be more meaningful & it used to be before kids. It's led us to greater intimacy all around. Thank you!"

So What's Included?

If you're ready to bring back the romance, your Year Of Date Nights is waiting! And it's going to knock your socks off...

  • A mix of at-home and out-and-about date nights for couples designed for delight!
  • No stress! Everything is planned out for you...ideas for food, your evening's entertainment, and even conversation launches! Plus enjoyable ideas for how to end your evening...easily add you own flair if you want, or keep it simple and go with it.
  • New fun activities (and maybe some old favorites!) to enjoy together, always with the goal of bringing you closer.
  • Carefully considered prompts that ensure both of you feel loved and special...every time. Sometimes teasing, sometimes tantalizing...but always tasteful. Sizzle & spice are nice, but your marriage needs the whole package and that's what you'll get!
  • Everything is sent right to your email so you get them IMMEDIATELY!

If you're ready to grow deeper together, enjoy one another more, and get your groove on once again...this is for you!

only $19

As if that wasn't exciting enough, there's more...

Get these 5 Marriage Flourishing Bonuses, too!

As if 12 amazing date nights to bring back the spark & sizzle, connection, and delight weren't enough, check out the bonuses you'll get when you order NOW...

What are you waiting for? Date night's here!

only $19
Quote box with product review: "These dates are a great way to have fun and push the comfort zone just a bit. Doing new things or overcoming fears/inhibitions together bonds us closer. Perfect for date night!"


I'm a busy person. Will I REALLY have time for these date nights?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Life is busy, you're tired, and you don't have all day to plan a special date night. I get it, and that's why I've done all the hard work for you. All you need to do is text the invite, follow your easy pre-date checklist, and watch the magic happen when you both show up ready to enjoy.

We're on a budget. Can we afford to do this?

These dates are lavish on romance, but not expense. Many are free and the rest are more than affordable (seriously...less than grabbing fast food together!). You can jazz them up even more if you want to, but there's no need.

Are you going to tell us to do anything freaky?

Absolutely not! While you're free to enjoy one another in whatever way you choose, they are Rated 'R' for romance only (nothing else, I promise!). While some of the games and suggestions are geared toward helping you enjoy each other fully, you set the boundaries. 

Everything is tasteful and designed for married couples to grow closer connections across all 5 love languages, not about making you squirm.

Glance through ahead of time to pick what you'll do; there are so many options! And if there's anything that does perchance make you blush, you two can ease into it together or just skip that part!

My Promise To You...

My heart is to see marriages strong and flourishing and to be a blessing your home and family and I'm confident these date nights and bonuses will indeed do just that.

However, if it doesn't meet with your expectations, just email at [email protected] me within 30-days from your purchase date to receive a refund.