Family Bible Time Kit

Transform your family, one day at a time by diving into the Word...together.

Simple and fun, remove the mystery and stress of trying to plan the perfect family Bible time using this simple kit.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you were able to have a family Bible time that everyone looked forward to?

It’s not just your Bible that’s open; their hearts are, too. Questions and discussion flow openly, smiles are on faces as they excitedly get to know God better. And you? You’re leading them, one step at a time, into a personal and intentional relationship with Jesus that is all their own.

family bible time

It's Ready For YOUR Family...

to guide you through how to spend your devotional time, what questions to ask, and equip you to teach your kids to have their own quiet time when they’re ready.

Maybe you know the feeling...

I never know what to do

But now you will! With a complete family Bible time agenda to make fit your family perfectly. Stress free and precious.

The Kids Seem Bored

Now they'll be engaged! If you have a rhythm to your time together & know what to ask, they'll anticipate your family time.

Nothing Ever Fits Us All

This is designed for families with kids from toddlers to teens; everyone can be involved and get value from it.

But That Stops TODAY!

The Grace Filled Guide To Family Bible Time is all about YOUR family.

With more than 20 pages for all ages so you can pick what’s best for your family, guided questions to help you mine more gems from your time in the Word, and support for how to get started, it’s everything you need.

The truth is that most families never establish a family bible time because it's overwhelming...

Take a look inside...

Get Started...

Learn what family Bible time should be and why you need one.

Grow Together...

Simple agenda, guided questions, prayer trackers, and more.

Go Deeper...

Personal sheets for all ages, Bible memory, and more.

Family Bible Time

Everything you need for your time together as you share your love of Scripture with your kids.

woman hugging bible/ holding fast to Scripture

Personal Bible Time

Everything you need to teach them to have their own personal time with God, too.

What others have to say...

"I asked Lisa for help because I didn't know what to say to my kids when we sat down together. I knew I needed to do something, but I was overwhelmed."
Mom of 4
"This is exactly what I've been looking for! Even my toddler is excited for our morning Bible time together. Plus, my husband uses this for our family time each night."
Toddler Mom
"This is great. Now we actually DO our family Bible time instead of always thinking we'll get to it (tomorrow). It's simple and fun this way, and everyone has something to share."
mom and child on couch
Mom of 2

Hi! I'm Lisa...

A busy mom of 8 who is passionate about strong marriages and faith filled homes that nurture kids who love Jesus. 

I enjoy family game nights, cappuccinos, & a good book.

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It's Time To Have The Bible Time You Know Your Family needs... Tonight!

Get your kit today and start your intentional Bible time with your family tonight.
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