You belong here.

Tired of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and somewhat invisible?

I see you, dear one.

You’re running your home and doing a good job.

The house is picked up, dinner is delicious, and your husband trusts you to handle the details that arise.

You know you should be satisfied with this life you have...but you’re hungry for more.

You want to be with your children, fully present and joyful. You want to laugh and hug and play instead of just teach and train and direct.

But how?

You want to connect with your husband again and be his bride, not just his partner. You want kiss him just because, have him want you like he used, and rekindle that fire.

But when?

Your soul is starving to have meaningful time with God, but life’s too loud for quiet time. You need something.

But what?

You’re tired of being tired and you’re ready for...something. You want to know that what you’re doing matters.

I believe that you were created with a purpose and that when you apply the hope of the Gospel with simple yet practical resources, you will flourish in the life you were created for.

You can have a strong marriage, delight in motherhood & your children, enjoy hospitality, and have a deeply rooted faith.

And not be exhausted or feel crazed by constantly striving to make it all happen. 

Imagine waking up with peace of knowing you’re not wasting another moment of your life and that today counts.

You’ve got the tools at your disposal to take on the day and get to what really matters: romantic moments with your husband, joyful interactions with your children, and peaceful moments communing with God. 

Graceful Abandon brings the hope of the Gospel right into your everyday life, exactly where it belongs.

Graceful Abandon is the perfect mix of meditating on the Word and practical application; it’s   both graceful and convicting in the best way.

It's like reading advice from a more experienced friend who definitely knows better than you, but doesn't make you feel like she knows it.  

Lisa Yvonne is the teacher from Titus 2:3-5 that every Christian mama is looking for.

Amy C., wife & mom

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I understand where you’re at. I was there, too. 

I should have been blissfully happy. I’d created a home that ran efficiently, my family had all they needed, and everything was in its place.

My life was full but my heart felt empty.

I was exhausted from trying to do all the right things. Being a ‘good mom’ and ‘supportive wife’ and ‘godly woman’ was sapping the life out of me. I was always busy with a job, but never with a purpose. 

And then I learned the freedom that comes from saying “No” and the power that comes from saying the right “Yes.” I set up systems to run the parts of my life that still had to happen and focused my attention on the relationships that meant the most to me.

I was finally living my purpose and focusing on what really mattered.

I started to laugh with my kids again. I was connecting with my husband in a way that was bringing our routine marriage to beautiful life. And my faith was blossoming like it never had before.

I had joy and purpose. And you can, too!

When you bring the truth, grace, and hope of Jesus into every part of your life, everything changes. 

My name is Lisa Yvonne, and I want to see the hope of the Gospel and practical tools transform your life. It's time to stop living distracted and start living the life God created you for.

woman reading the Bible cover to cover

God's unshakeable truth
& earth-shattering grace
should saturate every part of your life, from chasing toddlers to chasing dreams.

If you're ready to see the beautiful transformation that Gospel hope
& practical Biblical wisdom 
can make in your marriage, motherhood, and home
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Your words are a comfort and so personal, just like God is speaking directly to me in His love. Thank you.

~Joy M.     


I was having such a rough day, wondering if I could get anything right.

Then God lead me to your blog and it’s like you were speaking right to me; I can do this, with God’s help! Thank you.

~J.L., Busy Mom of 4

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