hey, I’m Lisa

And I believe when you apply the hope of the Gospel with simple yet practical resources, your life will flourish.

Graceful Abandon equips you to bring the hope of the Gospel right into every part of your life, every day you live…exactly where it belongs. And it changes everything.

Are you ready to live a full-strength life,
with undiluted biblical truth guiding the way?

It’s time, my lovely sister. When you stop putting the Bible on a shelf and instead put it in your heart, no part of your life goes unchanged. That’s why we go straight to Scripture and let go of the cutesy quotes, funny memes, and watered-down teachings that are so popular today and instead dive into the Word.

We let God tell us about Himself and use Scripture to prove Scripture.
We are clear on what we believe and we are so over compromise and counterfeits, we’re not looking back.
There is ONE GOD and ONE BIBLE
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graceful abandon

Here at graceful abandon we are committed to read | learn | Live

We enjoy coffee, but we NEED Jesus.

We’re NOT enough, so we lean into the One who is.

We don’t give ourselves grace, but we receive the grace He freely gives His children.

We don’t cuss a little because we love Jesus and we want to be like Him.

God’s not my copilot; He’s my Shepherd and I’m following Him.

Truth starts with Scripture, ends with Scripture, and never deviates from (or adds to) Scripture. We’re not here to substitute your time in the Word, but to help you practically apply it to every part of your life, every day you live. No substitutes welcome!

God used your words to help me understand the Bible better.

Your words are a comfort and so personal, just like God is speaking directly to me in His love. Thank you for helping me understand the Bible better..

~Joy M.     

JOY M., mom of 3

I didn’t used to get it.

I’d created a home that ran efficiently, my family had all they needed, and everything was in its place.

Being a ‘good mom’ and ‘supportive wife’ and ‘godly woman’ was sapping the life out of me. 

I was always busy with a job, but never with a purpose. 

Then I learned the freedom that comes from saying “No” and the power that comes from saying the right “Yes.” 

I was able to laugh with my kids again. I was connecting with my husband beyond the routine. And my faith? It was blossoming.

This was joy and purpose. Even though the chaos around me never stopped, the chaos inside of me did.

You see, when you bring the truth, grace, and hope of Jesus into every part of your life, He gives you joy and rest. You hold up each decision to the gospel, and your “YES” and “NO” become crystal clear.

It stops being about what you do and becomes who you are. And it’s amazing.

My name is Lisa Yvonne and I want to see the hope of the Gospel transform every part of your life, every day you live.

God’s word brings life
and rest and peace

Words to live by

“Thus says the LORD: “Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.”

– Jeremiah 6:16, ESV