Must-Read Books for the Homeschooling Mom

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With school break on the horizon, I’m filling out my shelf with all the books I want to devour before we go back to our normal school routine. Do you that, too? I got one novel out from the library and added a few new books to my Kindle library so they are ready to go. I also want to re-read some of my favorites. I thought I’d share my list of must-read books for homeschool moms with you.

Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakeable Peace

This is written to the Christian homeschooling mom and encourages her to remember why she is doing what she is doing, and to stay the course at a gentle pace.

Sarah redirects us toward what matters most and suggests ways that we can make homeschooling less frantic and more peaceful. This is a fantastic book, and one I recommend over and over again.

The Homeschooling Housewife: Juggling It All, One Priority At A Time

This book is pretty much everything you need in one spot. It's the perfect marriage of inspiration, wisdom, and actionable steps. 

Amber reminds us that we can't do everything all the time, and offers ways to do it all when we need to, to the best of our ability. This isn't a homeschooling manifesto; instead, it's about nurturing your soul, caring for you marriage, keeping your home, running your homeschool, investing in your relationship with your children, and more. 

Why Motherhood Matters: An Invitation to Purposeful Parenting

This book is life-altering. It's not specific to homeschooling, but it's going to help you be the mom you were created to...and that your soul desperately longs to be. 

I'm so thankful I found it, and I've read it twice in as many months.

Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool

This is a short, simple read with reminders we all need from time to time. Karen offers time-tested truths. This book is ideal for the mom of younger children or the mom just starting to homeschool.

Educating the WholeHearted Child

This book is less inspirational and more directional. It was reading this book that lead me to really know how I wanted to homeschool and what to do make it happen.

It's a reference I return to often as a homeschooling mom, and one I recommend frequently. It's got great info for you no matter what your style and family size.

What are YOUR must-read books?

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