When You Need Help, Remember This (BTTB 44)

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She was fading a little more each day, drifting out this world one moment at a time. Her lips were dry, her body frail, her eyes dimmed, and her heart bright with hope.

She knew she would soon see her Lord.

Every afternoon when I got off of the school bus I would sit with her. And every afternoon she had me read Psalm 121 aloud to her. Over and over and over again.

After about the hundredth time I’d read it aloud (although, to be honest I could quote it at this point), I asked her why she loved it so much.

Psalm 121 Know where to run for help when you need it

Her gentle smile was so precious as she explained, “Oh my dear, this isn’t for me. It’s for you. I want you to always remember where to run for help and I won’t be around to remind you forever.”

She gave me the gift of valuing the Word of God that day, and it has changed my life.

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Lift Up Your Eyes

Do you lift up your eyes to the hills when you need help, or do you look for the nearest person to comfort you?

I know I often run to my husband and a close friend before stopping to pray. But the psalmist is telling us the important thing: to look to the Source of our help.

It’s human nature, though, isn’t it? I mean, you get bad news or something awful happens and you reach for the cell phone to send a message or hear a reassuring voice on the other end.

However, here we see that our first cry needs to be to God.

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Know Where Your Help Comes From

The psalmist declares with confidence that his help does indeed come from God, the Lord who created everything. He knows not only the Source of his help, but also how powerful that source is.

When you pray, do you remind yourself of who your God is? He is the One True God.

Everything in this world was spoken into existence by Him and exists because of His mercy. Every sin and evil thing on this earth is subject to Him and will one day be defeated by Him. He champions His children even now.

Cling to His Promises

Then the psalm expands to promises that you will be kept safe, you won’t slip, and your God is vigilant.

What beautiful comfort! This is why we look to the hills and trust Him to be our help. His heart is for us and His might is awesome.

Look at whatever your trouble is. Then look clearly at who your God is. Which is greater? Which reaches into eternity?

Only one of them does, and it’s not your trouble.

This can be hard when the trouble is big and your heart is being torn in two. I get it, I do. But God heals the broken-hearted.

Always Remember Where to Run For Help

Don’t ever forget, sweet friend, where to run first and fastest. Always flee trouble by running into His presence. He is your protector and your champion. His love is vast, His power out of this world, and His mercy unchanging.

Don’t forget to look to Him, the source of your help.

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