What You Look At Determines What You Become (BTTB 11)

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Caleb was a wise man. He saw the obstacles in his path, but He knew the might of His God and said, “We can certainly be victorious.” What are you focusing on today, my friend? In Numbers 13, Caleb knew the important truth that what you look at determines what you become.

What you look at determines what you become. Your mindset is so important. When you are a woman of faith, you can look at God or look at the storm you are in or the battle you are up against. Part of the Blogging efforts of the Read Through the Bible in 90 Days Challenge.

What Do You See When You Look Around?

When the majority of the Israelites looked around them and at the might of their enemies that lay between them and what God promised them, they were ready to give up.

When God casts a vision, He doens’t promise a lack of opposition or that it will be easy. He gives you the opportunity to trust that He is Who He says He is and that He will do what He says He will do.

The Israelites somehow forgot the God who sent the plagues, the God who delivered them from generations of slavery, the I AM who parted the Red Sea, the One who gave manna each morning, and Lord who manifested in cloud and fire to be in their midst and lead them clearly.

How did they forget all of that? They looked at the opposition before them and listened to the opinion of others (Numbers 13:28,33).

What You Look At Determines What You Become

On the flip side, Caleb looked at His God. He looked at the One who had delivered them, provided for them, loved them, and guided them. He knew that if God had said this land was theirs, then victory was assured.

Caleb looked at His God, and so he would go on to become a very victorious man. When we trust the Lord our God instead of the opinions of man, we too can have victory.

Victory doesn’t come without a price and victory for God’s children doesn’t look the same as it does for the world, but we can say with Caleb that “we can certainly conquer it” when seeing obstacles in our path.

Instead of looking around you and listening to the naysayers, ask God what He says about you and look to Him! I’d really love for you to watch this video, as I pour out my heart for you in it. Be blessed, sweet friend!

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