The Lament of a Strong Willed Woman: When God & I Don’t Agree

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The nation of Israel flabberghasts me sometimes. You’d think with all God had done for them, over and over and over again, that they would trust Him. Wouldn’t you? But I get it. I am, after all, a very determined woman. This can be a blessing, but it also creates what I call “strong-willed woman problems“.

What Are Strong-Willed Woman Problems?

Strong-Willed Woman Problem: When I Want the Wrong Thing

I get into my head that I want something and then I become consumed with obtaining it. That served me well in high school when I wanted to get an academic scholarship and in my university days when I wanted to make the Dean’s List. It served me well when I set the goal to become debt free.

Not so much, however, when set my heart on things that God didn’t have in His plan for me. When that happens, I pursue it anyhow and don’t always realize my focus isn’t lining up with God. And sometimes I just become enslaved by my goals.

Strong-Willed Woman Problem: When I Don’t Heed Other Voices

Proverbs 15:22 admonishes us that a lack of sound wisdom causes our plans to fail. We need to listen to outside voices to learn and grow.

However, I’m so determined sometimes that I think I know what is best and if anyone suggests otherwise, I might as well be deaf. Am I the only one who does that?

Or I convince myself that “they just don’t get it” or maybe it’s that “they don’t have the same vision.” However, the reality is that it’s quite possible I am that one that isn’t getting it and that my tunnel vision is blinding me to the roadblocks others are seeing around the next bend.

Strong-Willed Woman Problem: When I Take God For Granted

It’s hard for me to admit, but sometimes I take God for granted. It’s almost like I assume He’s going to bless my efforts or something. But the truth is actually that I just don’t always take things to Him in prayer because it never crosses my mind.

Or I depend on logic instead of faith because I’m a pretty intelligent human and think I can figure things out on my own. How silly (foolish) of me!

What Are Strong-Willed Woman Solutions?

Strong-Willed Woman Solution: Love God With Everything

Luke 22:37 says it all. If I’m loving God with all my heart, soul, and mind then I’m going to want what He wants. My heart will love Him, my soul will crave Him, and my mind will think about Him. With all that going on, I’m going to have a lot less time and energy to pursue my own naturally rebellious tendencies.

My heart will start to long for what He loves and become wrapped up in Him. I’m still going to sin, but my heart will find repentance that much faster.

Strong-Willed Woman Solution: Be A Good Sheep

Psalm 23 says that the Lord is our Shepherd. In the New Testament, Jesus is called The Good Shepherd. That means we’re meant to be His sheep.

Sheep walk tightly against the side of their shepherd. They go where He leads (or prods, if they get wayward!). They respond to His voice because they know it well (John 10:27).

My strong will leads me astray, but if I know my Shepherd’s voice then I will respond when He calls. I’ll also be better at heeding the wisdom of those who love Him.

Strong-Willed Woman Solution: Abide in Him

John 15:4 is also the perfect solution for strong-willed woman problems. Abide in Him. Make Him your home. Literally dwell in His presence; be surrounded by Him. If that is happening, you are safe. You are secure and loved and protected.

When I am abiding in Him, I’m not taking Him for granted.

Love the Lord. Heed His Voice. Abide in His Presence.

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