Do You Have A Biblically-based Self Image?

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Gideon was a man who knew what he was. Or rather, what he was not. Gideon had a poor interpretation of who he was which lead him to believe he could not do what God expected him to do.

What can we learn about Biblically-based self-image from Gideon (in Judges 6-7)?

Do you have A Biblically based self-image?

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When God Calls You By Name

When God called him, he was quick to disqualify himself and state that his family was weak and he was the least among his family.

But here’s what he overlooked. The God of the Universe, the same One who knitted him together in his mother’s womb, had called him by name.  “Mighty man of valor” might have shocked Gideon based on his past, but God saw the end from the beginning and called forth what was already there.

The way we see ourselves can be shaped by many things.

It is shaped by our parents and family, as we hear what they say about us. It is shaped by the culture we live in, as we compare ourselves to what society exemplifies. Our self-image is molded by those we spend a lot of time with are find ourselves influenced by.

But what we need to do is cultivate a Biblically based self-image.

What has God called you?

  • Beloved

  • Daughter

  • Ransomed Treasure

  • Bride

  • Friend

  • His Own

When God Calls You To Do The Impossible

God called Gideon to do a task that seemed impossible. And then He made it harder. In fact, He made it incredibly challenging.

Why? So He would be glorified and Israel would yet remember who their Provider was.

Do you ever need a reminder of that? I sure do! Sometimes I look at my life and wonder if I have driven God to put me in this place where I am weak and He is strong just so that I stay wholly reliant on Him.

And when I do that, I find that I can develop a Biblically-based self-image because I am listening to Him when He calls and hearing what He says.

How To Develop a Biblically-Based Self-Image

  1. Read the Bible. You can’t have a Biblically-based self-image apart from reading the Bible.
  2. Pray. A lot. Pressing in to God more will give you clarity as you seek to understand your Biblically-based self-image. You are, after all, an image-bearer.
  3. Write out Scripture and personalize. For example: “For God so loved me, Lisa, that He gave His one and only Son to die for me.” Whoa. I matter to God. YOU matter to Him, too! Isn’t that amazing?

    (Please note: the Bible is all about what Jesus has done for you. Be careful not to make it all about you, but rather all about what your Beloved Savior and Benevolent Father does for you)

  4. Let go of past identities and identity crises. Let God reveal to you who you are and who He calls you to be.

The Beauty of a Biblically-based Self-image

  1. It honors God and not man. This self-image recognizes stewardship matters to the Lord.
  2. It cannot be shaken. Everything that can be shaken will be, but if you have a Biblically-based self-image then you are doing great!
  3. You will find victory in up-hill battles and impossible situations.

With God All Things Are Possible

Gideon saw what he and what he was not. But what he failed to fully recognize was who God isGod called him to do this thing and then said simply, “I will go with you.”

Add that to the promise for grace that is sufficient and the reminder that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

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