Why People Celebrate Purim

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Esther is a unique book. It’s not like the other books of the Old Testament, with prophecies and specific messages from God for His people. In fact, it never once mentions God by name. And yet, it’s a very significant book. It is also the reason people celebrate Purim today.

According to, Purim celebrates the Lord’s intimate involvement in everyday life. People are more generous, more fun-loving, and more focused on their Jewish roots on Purim. And the book of Esther was the root of this day.

There seems to be an unfettered joy to the day, where the providential hand of God is celebrated freely. Time after time in history, dictators and nations came against God’s chosen people and time and time again God delivered them. On Purim, this is recognized and celebrated more than any other day.

That is the heart of Esther. What can you celebrate today? What can you look at, from your own past, and celebrate? How has God delivered you? How has He proven Himself faithful?

And remember that God is the One who appoints you for ‘such a time as this.’ Trust His faithfulness and His sovereignty.


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