Do You Really Thirst For God? (BTTB 40)

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Two years ago I joined a gym. The workouts were more intense than any I had ever done. The trainer was a no-frills, no-indulgences kind of a guy and the workouts were brutal.

We would run, do burpees, lift, squat, and more in a warehouse with no air conditioning. To this day I’m not certain if I lost more weight from the actual exercises or the sweat that just poured off of me.

My throat was parched and I physically longed for water during those workouts. I would get dizzy and weak if I didn’t drink enough. One day I fell over because I hadn’t had breakfast or enough water and felt rather disoriented; you can believe I learned my lesson and never let that happen again!

Each workout I would go through a water bottle and after each workout I’d drink two more on the way home. I couldn’t hydrate enough after the intensity of our activity. I would even drink electrolytes to replenish.

I never truly understood thirst until that summer. I was desperate for a drink and I’d earned every drop. Nothing satisfied me the way a nice, cool glass of water did on those days.

What did David mean when he said his soul was thirsty for God?

Does your soul truly thirst for God?

The psalmist said that his soul thirsted for God as if he were in a dry and weary land with no water (Psalm 63:1).  I can relate to that image of thirst.

It was probably similar to how I felt at the gym, but even more intense.

I want my soul to thirst for God that way, don’t you? Can you imagine longing for Him that desperately? Seeking Him out, knowing that without Him you are utterly weak and even disoriented?

Psalm 63 is rich with imagery. Consider reading it out loud in a couple of different versions and ask God to open your eyes to the desperation with which our souls crave Him.

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Characteristics of a Thirsty Soul

  • A thirsty soul wants to read the Bible
  • A thirsty soul enjoys prayer
  • A thirsty soul spends time contemplating God
  • A thirsty soul can’t get enough of Jesus
  • A thirst soul loves Him more than earthly pleasures

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