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The Best Free Bible Study Apps For Busy Women (updated June 2023)

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Here is an overview of the 16 best Bible study apps available for Android & iPhone in 2023. These Christian Bible apps and tools will provide you with a way to nurture your faith both easily and effectively. 

The days of being able to sit down and pour over books or listen to teachings to help grow your understanding of the Bible are long gone. Instead you have a house to clean, kids to care for, a marriage to tend to, and sanity to cling to.

Thankfully, there are some truly fantastic free Bible study apps available for women who are on the move and still want to dive deep in the truths of Scripture.

In fact, there are hundreds to choose from, so how do you choose the right app for your Bible time?

What Are The Best Bible Study Apps Available Today?

It really depends on what you’re looking to get out of your app, honestly.

So I’ve gathered up all the best Bible study apps for iPhone and Android users (and some work on your laptop, too!) and explained the features of each one so you can pick and choose which apps will be the best for your quiet time (or not-so-quiet time, Mama!).

These easy to use and well designed apps for your smartphone, tablet, or desktop make it possible for you to still study the Bible. Plus, they work with both Android and iPhone interfaces and they’re free! 

Whether you are looking for a way to listen to the Word on the go, immerse yourself in an in-depth verse by verse study, or want to do a simple topical overview, these Bible study apps have you covered!

You know all the reasons to read the Bible, and now you’ll have even more ways to make it possible.

And one of the best parts is each of these easy Bible study apps for Christian women are online and totally free. They are all user friendly and offer so many features that there’s something for everyone here.

While some of these Bible study apps do have paid upgrades or complementary products offered, it’s completely possible to grow your faith through an in depth study of Scripture with the simple swipe or tap of a finger and no money spent.

So without further ado, here are the best Bible study apps for women that will work on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and even your Kindle Fire in some instances.

Best Bible App Study #1: Olive Tree

This was a new find to me in 2022, but I’m really excited about it (so much so that I updated this article just to tell you about it)!

The Olive Tree app has both free and paid features and it’s one of the cleanest, easiest interfaces (and it’s pretty, too!).

I love that there’s no wifi needed to use this; it’s nice to be unplugged or to have access to it even when somewhere with poor reception.

The NIV, ESV, KJV, NKJV versions of the Bible are included (as are a few other lesser known translations), plus there are more available for inexpensive purchase if you prefer.

This is a Bible study app you should DEFINITELY check out if you’re looking to have a great experience and wealth of information at your fingertips.

In fact, it’s now my go-to Bible study app in 2021.

Best Bible App Study #2: Accordance

This is one I’d never heard of before researching some new Bible study apps to check out for this article, and it’s impressive.

I have it on my laptop and downloaded it here. In the App Store it’s called Accordance Mobile, by Oak Tree Software Inc.

You can compare two Bible versions of your choice in parallel scrolling, as they sync together. This is awesome! I particularly appreciate this feature because it allows me talk with friends who prefer a different version (in their native language, for example!) and we both get more out of the it because of the parallel experience.

When you register your free starter account you can even download several commentaries and reference materials to be used offline as ell.

According to the app developers, “These materials range from Christian classics to Jewish publications to high-end reference works to the Dead Sea Scrolls in Hebrew.”

It’s certainly a growing platform and one to take notice of.

Best Bible Study App #3: You Version (aka The Bible App)

This is always the first app I install when I get a new device. Even though I’ve listed it #3, it’s the one I used the most.

You Version is, to me, the best Bible study app around. You can make notes, highlight passages, and even make graphics from your favorite verses.

I even find my daily devotionals on here!

Just search for YouVersion Bible App or visit here (and it will be called The Bible App by Life Church).

You can use the live feature and send notes to Evernote (another favorite app!), highlight, or listen to an audio Bible. It’s incredibly versatile and works both on- and off-line which I appreciate.

One of the features that makes You Version my vote for all around best Bible study app is that it has nearly 2,000 versions of the Bible in over 1,000 language. WOW!

It also offers several different reading plans, accountability to them with friends, and some features you can use with your kids.

If you’re not familiar with the You Version Bible study app, then check it out ASAP. Plus, there’s a Bible reading plan for EVERYONE. So good. From the 30-day shred to Mom-designed ones…something for you, no matter what.

When you’re a busy woman who wants to grow in the Lord, these free Bible study apps are an absolute must-have tool to have at your fingertips…and this one is one of the best.

Best Bible Study App #4: Bible Resources

This is a new addition to our list! This Bible study app not only has audio and video, but also the ability to play hymns! In fact, it has more than 1,000 hymns.

The daily Scripture, commentaries, questions and answers, and more all make this a very valuable app.

There’s a great kids section for your children, too, which is always a plus.

Another plus is you can run it while using other apps (maybe listen while you’re on a road trip or folding laundry) and it will pause for incoming calls.

Best Bible Study App #5: Bible Gateway

With more than 200 versions and translations of the Bible easily available to search, study, or simply read.

In addition to this, Bible Gateway Bible study app (available to use online here) also has devotions and reference material available. It’s a solid app and also easily usable from your laptop.

The reading plans and audio Bibles available make this a leading Bible app for busy women who want to listen to Word from the treadmill, carpool line, or while picking up toys at the end of a long day.

Check out their Daily Audio Bible study app, too!

Best Bible Study App #6: E-Sword

This little known Bible study app has been a favorite of mine for over a decade.

Years ago it was only for use on a PC, but today this powerful Bible study app works on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad as well. I’ve been using this for a decade and still it’s a favorite!

E-Sword is a simple and straightforward app that allows you study the Bible verse by verse and provides tons of valuable references.

You can use this app for personal study or to write sermons, devotions, and Bible studies in.

The E-Sword Bible study app contains a parallel Bible study view, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) printing capabilities to grab your notes for teaching, an extensive reference library, maps, powerful search features, audio sermon library, and more.

I have installed this Bible study app on my kids’ homeschool laptop for deeper study, as well.

We truly enjoy this particular Bible study app…and think you will, too!

Check out these awesome Christian apps for women ready to deeper Bible study. #Biblestudy #apps

Best Bible Study App #7: gloBIBLE

The gloBIBLE is one of the coolest Bible study apps I’ve found.

It’s a fabulous Bible study tool for both iPhone and Android users, and I’m personally really excited about it because the teens and young adults in my life enjoy using it.

This Bible study app lets you click on a verse and access HD videos, pictures, sermons, commentaries, maps, virtual tours, and more that have been contributed by various ministries, churches, publishers, and pastors.

If you’ve got kids, put this on your iPad and let them watch some of the videos, explore Biblical geography with the maps and tours, and really get engaged in their learning!

Check it out here.

Best Bible Study App #8: The Blue Letter Bible

If you’ve ever gone to Bible school, you’re probably familiar with this Bible study app (and if not, check it out here). 

It has many of the features of other Bible study tools listed here, such as being able to see the original meaning of the Greek and Hebrew words used in the earliest versions of the Bible and commentaries.

This Bible study app also equips to easily do topical studies. It contains several devotion options you can use in the app, as well. There are also audio and video commentaries, which are fantastic.

The FAQ section is great to answer common theological questions, which is a fabulously simple addition to the app that provides a lot of value.

The Blue Letter Bible study app also has charts, diagrams, and maps which would prove helpful to those who want an in-depth analysis and understanding of the original context of the Bible.

This is a great Bible app for women who are really wanting to deep dive into the Word.

Best Bible Study App #9: NET Bible (formerly

Simple, yet incredibly valuable. is a Bible study app that is great for women, children, men, pastors, etc. They actually have specific focuses for different people to meet each individual’s needs, so you’ll get a personalized experience when you use this Bible app.

And within is a really awesome resource called Lumina were you can study verses and versions in parallel style.

This is a hearty Bible study app that is great for deeper study.

PLEASE NOTE: The app is now called NET Bible in the App Store.

Best Bible Study App #10: NIV Quest Study Bible

With full color maps and photos as well as more than 20,000 notes, this is one app you can’t overlook in your search for the best free Bible study app.

It’s literally a digital study Bible!

If you’re a fan of the NIV translation, then this is a fabulous app to have handy on your iPhone or Android device. It’s also great for when you’re doing family Bible time and want to show your kids right where something is on a map; this app makes that super simple to do!

Best Bible Study App #11:

This is seriously FANTASTIC. is a great witnessing tool to have on your smartphone, too.

This Bible app integrates with the Jesus Film so you literally watch Scripture come to life.

It’s more than a Bible study app; it’s a way to experience the Word more fully in a new way.

This is also great for parents who have kids that are very visual. They can watch the Bible.

Best Bible Study App #12: She Reads Truth

This is not just an app; She Reads Truth is a community of women reading the Word together.

Hundreds of thousands of women around the globe converge daily between the website, app, and #shereadstruth on social media to dive into the Word together.

With both free and paid devotional plans, this is an app that can be used by any woman, anywhere.

Plus, if you’re married and hubby is feeling left out, there’s now a He Reads Truth community as well.

This is ideal for the woman who wants to feel a part of something and know she’s not going it alone. It’s simple, but valuable.

Best Bible Study App #13: First 5

Developed and supported by Proverbs 31 Ministries, the First 5 app isn’t about deep and long Bible study but about digesting something every day at the beginning – in (you guessed it) five minutes.

They’ve offered a wide selection of studies and it’s set up for your success and to decrease overwhelm.

The beauty of this app is not in how much it offers, but in the quality and simplicity of what it brings.

Each day there’s one passage of Scripture to read, understand, and learn about. That’s it.

Other Good Bible Apps To Consider

If you’re looking to learn more about the Word, but perhaps not study it, these other Bible apps are good ones to look into:

Bible Memory App

The name kind of says it all. This app is the only app of its kind, equipping to memorize, review, and organize the verses you are and have memorized.

It has tools that make it a digital version of how we memorize our homeschool with the Charlotte Mason method. We love it!

30 Day Bible Study App

Designed to bring you through the Word, on thirty-day study at a time. It’s a simple to use app that has great reviews.

You can set up topical plans, track your progress, connect, and even set up your own study.

Daily Audio Bible App

This app is part daily listening and part community. It’s as simple as it says.

Listen each day to go through Scripture in a year…but also connect and pray for the needs (or post your own) on the prayer wall.

Bible Study Apps Are A Great Tool For Growing Faith

These Bible study apps for women are a great tool in growing your faith.

When you want to add some deeper study in addition to your personal quiet time with the Lord (and yes, you can have quiet time as a busy mom with a little bit of creativity), these are some of the best Bible study apps to reach for.

If you use a different one than one of these, please share it in the comments so we can all grow together! And if you love one of these, share why 🙂

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