Christian Gifts for Kids

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Looking for the best gifts for the Christian kids in your life? Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christian gift for their birthday, Christmas, a special occasion, or just because – here are gift ideas for the Jesus-loving child in your life. This list of Christian gift ideas for children is what you need to find something that is “just right.”

Christian Toys For Toddlers (Ages 1-4)

Toddlers are so much fun to give gifts to because they get so excited about everything…but it can also be a challenge to shop for them because you don’t want something that will end up broken, forgotten, or go unused. These Christian gift ideas for toddlers will help!

My Little Lamb

This sweet stuffed animal is a huge favorite in our home. The My Little Lamb is beloved by our toddler as well as our son with complex special needs and our daughter with Down’s syndrome.

They love its sweet singing voice, listening to it ‘read’ Scripture to them, and snuggling it.

Me? I appreciate how simple it is to keep charged, to clean, and how it doesn’t have that slightly annoying tinny sound most noisy toys do. I even enjoy listening along with them!

If you have a toddler and want a distinctly Christian gift that will help them hide God’s Word in their heart from a young age, My Little Lamb is what you want!

Wooden Noah’s ark

This fun, Montessori-style wooden version of Noah’s ark is a great way to engage your little one in the Bible and make the stories become part of their play.

Once you read them this Biblical story, they’ll be able to play and marvel at this amazing tale.

Nativity Set

This Little People Nativity Set is a beloved family favorite…and not just at Christmas.

Let your kids reenact this miraculous moment in history and marvel at God’s love for His children while they celebrate Jesus’ birth over and over again.

Lift-the-Flap Bible

Enjoy reading your favorite Bible stories with your toddler and help them fall in love with these accounts all on their own.

Lift-the-Flap fun is always a favorite with this age and will keep them engaged as you read!

Christian Gifts For Children (Ages 5-7)

Play is such a great way for kids to learn and explore ideas, including their faith. These Christian gift ideas for children will help you find the right gift for the special kid you’re shopping for to help them enjoy their faith and grow deeper in it.

Reusable Bible Sticker Story Pad

This is awesome! These reusable stickers and story boards from Melissa and Doug will make a fabulous gift for any kid (shhh…our teens love these, too!).

As they enjoy creating fresh scenes with these reusable stickers, you can ask them to tell you the stories they are bringing to life.

Audio Adventures: Adventures In Odyssey

Any Adventures in Odyssey audio adventures for kids are great, but this collection has some of our favorites.

Adventures in Odyssey is great for kids 3-8 (although we enjoy them much longer). They are great for car rides, listening to while crafting or building with blocks, or even for a fun night around the fireplace.

Armor of God playset

Most kids love dress up play, so why not let them don the Armor of God?

You could also pair this dress up set with these awesome books, teaching the armor of God.

Gift Ideas for Christian Kids (Ages 8-12)

Looking for something for your older kids/tweens? This is a really challenging age, but these are tried and true gifts we’ve loved in our home and shared with many friends!

Guess It!

This fun Action Bible Guess It game is fantastic for a small family or a large group, so it’s awesome to have on hand. Your kids will LOVE it!

While you don’t need the Adventure Bible, if they don’t already have it, it’s worth making this a combo gift!

Jonathan Park Audio Adventures

If your kids enjoy Adventures in Odyssey or you’d like to introduce them to the delight of audiobooks and stories, you won’t find anything better than Jonathan Park.

The Jonathan Park adventures have Biblical values and completely captivate their attention (and yours!).

Bible Outburst

Looking for a fun game they can enjoy with the family or friends? Bible Outburst is crazy fun!

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