The Perfect Gift Idea For Mom Is Chosen By Her Love Language

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It can be really hard to choose just the perfect gift for mom. A simple way to make it easier, however, is to know what Mom’s love language is. Here are some simple gift ideas for Mother’s Day, categorized by love language.



The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Acts of Service

For the mom who feels loved when people invest their time to do something nice for her, you have several options…but not all of them are easy to gift wrap. The things that make her feel treasured are efforts that are poured into her life. Some ideas are:

  • Make a nice meal and serve it on a beautifully set table (and do the clean up after!)
  • Clean her home; moms often like a nice, clean space
  • Let mom sleep in and handle the kids
  • Gift certificates: car detailing, pedicure, house cleaning service, dinner
  • Complete a waiting project: till the garden (or weed it), mow the yard, clear the basement, or pick something else that you know she’s been waiting to have completed

Physical Touch

It’s also not easy to gift wrap a hug, but some moms just want one. For the mama who just loves a little lovin’, holding her hand, snuggling up and watching a movie, giving her a hug and kiss are all ways to express your love. But what can you give her?

  • A nice scarf, with a nice note letting her know that each time she wears it, you’ll be hugging her neck
  • A mani/pedi (either at a spa, or an at-home kit she can use many times over)
  • Self-care items: a nice makeup brush set, face care products, bath bombs, her favorite essential oils
  • Supplies for her favorite handcraft if she’s the artsy sort

Words of Affirmation

Words have the power of life and death. They can build up or tear down. God created everything around with His words. To the woman whose love language is words of affirmation, the power of words is well recognized and well-chosen words are worth more than treasure. The gift ideas here must come from the heart and often take time.

  • A letter of thanks and love
  • A photo album of memories with notes accompanying each photograph
  • A homemade mix CD with her favorite songs, or songs that made you think of her
  • An engraved locket or jewelry box or bracelet

Quality Time

If your mom cherishes quality time, think of an experience that the two of you can share. This can be simple or completely adventurous, but it has to involve your presence. If you live far away, maybe you can share something over a video call.

  • A family meal or picnic together; take some care and plan the details
  • A hike at a favorite locale, or a meandering around a lake or Botanical Gardens
  • Plan a game night with her favorite games and invite the whole family
  • Gift certificate: for a class or experience (maybe a painting night for the two of you)

Receiving Gifts

You may think you’ve got it made on holidays and celebrations if your mom receives love with her gifts and that this makes things easy. However, she still wants to know you selected her gifts with care. Spend a little extra time to beautifully wrap your present, or buy a nice gift bag and some tissue paper to showcase that perfect gift for mom. Here are some really popular gifts right now:

  • The ever-popular Instant Pot (and maybe a cookbook to go with it)
  • A beautiful motherhood necklace, with a symbol for each of her children
  • If she drinks coffee, consider a lovely mug…or if she’s more a tea person, a beautiful tea cup
  • Something relating to her favorite hobby or activity (if she hikes, nice boots or if she crochets, perhaps a nice wooden hook)

The Perfect Gift for Mom

Honoring mom isn’t about how much you spend, or if your gift is the best. It’s about making mom realize how much value you place in her and all she has done for you. It is a day to honor this woman you love, and who has loved you. Whatever you do, do it with care and intention. Show her your thanks for all she has done and whatever you gift her, it will be the perfect gift for mom because it was chosen and given with love.

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