Mother’s Day Disappointment and How To Handle It

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Mother’s Day is a day for laughter, family, joy, and hugs. It’s a time to gather together and celebrate one of the most important relationships on this earth. However, that’s not always how it happens.

What do you do when you experience Mother’s Day disappointment?

It happens, you know, and more often than many women will admit openly.

This is for You

This is for the woman who has no mother, and whose heart is pricked by that knowledge more keenly because it is Mother’s Day.

This is for the woman who had a wonderful mother and misses her more than usual right now.

This is for the woman who just spent a beautiful day with her mom, as well.

This is for the woman whose mother left scars on her heart and tears on her cheeks. I’m writing to the child inside of you, whose heart is still tender and whose mind recognizes the significance of motherhood, even if your mother has treated you insignificantly.

This is for the orphan who wonders who their mother was, or why she left.

This letter is for the mom who gave up her child because she wasn’t ready for motherhood.

It’s for the woman whose womb is barren, and whose every hope focuses on being a mom.

This is for the mom of many, surrounded by generations of love.

This is for the mother whose child is waiting across an ocean to know her love for the very first time.

This is for the mom whose kids are noticeably absent because of miles…or emotional distance that feels like an ocean.

This is a letter to the woman left saddened by how Mother’s Day went, just as much as to the woman who has another year of precious memories filed in her heart.

This is for you.

This is for you, sweet friend, whether your Mother’s day was filled with joy, or loaded with Mother’s Day disappointment. I’m writing to you, strong woman that you are, whether you are a mother, have a mother, or are just left hurting after today.

This letter is for you because you matter.

You are precious.

No matter what your mother or your children or this world says about you, the King of Kings has called you His and you are precious to Him.

There’s not a single moment that He looks down on you and thinks I wish that one weren’t mine. Not even one split second.

No, He took the time to knit you in your mother’s womb, and regardless of her value on your life, He placed His value upon you. You are worth a King’s ransom, and He sacrificed the life of His Son for you.

You are precious to Him.

You are wanted.

No matter who sought you out to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day or who wasn’t there, the God of the Universe was present.

He loves you, He cares for you, He will wipe every tear from your eye, bind up every broken heart you have, and give you joy.

He will always look at you and call you Beloved because you are wanted by Him. He loves you. He has made you His, not just by adoption, but by great sacrifice. And never once has He ever thought you weren’t worth it. No, it was His plan since before time itself was conceived.

You are wanted.

You are loved.

God Himself loves you with an everlasting love. You can’t earn this love and you can’t lose this love. It’s not dependent on who you are, but rather who are you are to Him.

His love for you is deeper than the ocean, more vast than the heavens, more magnificent than the galaxies.

His love for you is deeply personal, for He knows the hairs on your head, the tears that have fallen from your eyes, and hidden depths of your heart.

You are loved.

So How Do You Handle Mother’s Day Disappointment?

You cry if you want to. You shake it off and dance if you’re so inclined. But mostly, you remember the Truth:

You are precious, you are wanted, you are loved.

It’s okay to grieve the relationship you never had with your mom, or the one that was wonderful and is now gone because this life often seems too short.

It’s okay to grieve the relationship you don’t have with your kids and what went wrong. It’s okay to forgive, even in your grief.

It’s okay to celebrate the joy of your children who were with you, or to long for the one who never came. There’s no right or wrong way for your heart to feel as you process the deep emotions of a bittersweet day.

Whether you are walking through a long, dark night of the soul or living in a season of the beauty of rest, it’s okay to process the emotions right where you are.

But know, dear friend, you are not alone. God is there, and He is reminding you that you are precious, you are wanted, and you are loved. Mother’s Day disappointment and all, He loves you and you matter to Him.

May you rest in His tender mercies, dance in the freedom of His grace, and ultimately stand firmly upon His truth that you are precious, you are wanted, and you are loved.

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