Top 10 Books for Christian Moms

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Have you ever wished you could sit down over coffee with a more experienced mom and just ask her the tough questions? I know I have.

Motherhood is a challenging calling, but so worth it. However, there have been times when I've been left with nothing more than prayer, desperate tears, and chocolate while trying to navigate it.

That's when I started turning to books. Here are my top 10 favorite books for Christian moms. They offer hope, grace, truth, and practical help.

Famous in Heaven and At Home, Graceful Abandon's Top 10 Books for Christian Moms

FAMOUS IN HEAVEN & AT HOME is a beautiful one-month devotion book for women who desire to be godly. Michelle invites: "let's lay down our to-do lists and worldly expectations" and "passionately pursue who God purposely created us to be."

Myers gives an in-depth look at Proverbs 31, but from a perspective unlike any I have encountered before.

Her words ring with grace and are rooted firmly in Biblical Truth. This is a MUST-READ for every Christian woman.

HANDS FREE MAMA by Rachel Macy Stafford was a life-changer for me. I found her when her post entitled "The Day I Stopped Saying Hurry Up" went viral. 

That post changed they way I approached motherhood...for the better. This is a book to encourage moms to savor the moments and slow down the urgency over the non-essentials. 

It's a combination of beautiful stories and gentle truths to guide the hearts of mothers toward their children.

Hands Free Mama, Graceful Abandon Top 10 Books for Christian Moms
Why Motherhood Matters, Top 10 Books for Christian Moms by Graceful Abandon

WHY MOTHERHOOD MATTERS is a rare chance to sit at the feet of a mom who has been there, done that, and thrived.  

September McCarthy pours out her heart to speaks to ours. Her words drip with wisdom and are soaked in grace. She covers all different areas: encouragement, discipline, wellness, education, relationships, and more. 

This book is a treasure chest for every mom. If I could give a copy to every mom I know, I absolutely would!

HOPE UNFOLDING is written by a woman who has inspired me for years with her gentle insights and beautiful words of grace that speak right to my mama's heart. I've read Becky's blog for more than half of my parenting life and love her way with words.

Have you ever read someone's work and thought, "How on earth did they know? This is exactly how I feel and what I needed to hear"? That is what Becky's work does. It goes straight to YOUR heart, as she shares hers.

Book Unfolding, Graceful Abandon's Top 10 Books for Christian Moms
Tiggers is on Graceful Abandon's Top 10 books for Christian moms.

TRIGGERS: Exchanging Parents' Angry Responses for Gentle Biblical Answers isn't your normal choice for a book list like this.

But it should be.

Every momma struggles with frustration and 'losing it' at some point, and this is the book she needs to read. Triggers give amazing insight into the heart of parents and children and shows us the why and how of navigating stressful times without damaging our relationship with our kids.

THE MISSION OF MOTHERHOOD is the first book I ever read by Sally Clarkson. I've since read nearly every one of her offerings.

This book points us beyond today and toward eternity, as we parent our kids. Sally reminds us that we are called to disciple them for God, which is so much more important than simply raising them.

This book speaks to our diving calling as moms and affirms our purpose, while encouraging us where we are uniquely.

The Mission of Motherhood, Graceful Abandon's Top 10 Books for Christian Moms
Parenting with Gospel Principles, Graceful Abandon's Top 10 Books for Christian Moms

PARENTING: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family is a book that really delivers.

Paul David Tripp doesn't give you "how to" lists or "you should" directives. Instead, he points parents toward the Gospel and applies those truths directly to our interactions with our kids.

This is such a unique parenting manual, and is so rooted in Scripture that it will equip every Christian parent who longs to follow the Word on their journey of raising kids.

Mom Set Free offers hope, truth, and grace to the mom who battles falling short.

We all give grace to our kids, but often forget to give it to ourselves. Mom Set Free helps reset our minds and hearts, and teaches us to extend grace to ourselves.

Jeannie invites us to set aside the constant striving for perfection and settle into the comfort and peace of God's sufficient grace.

Mom Set Free, Graceful Abandon's Top 10 Books for Christian Moms
Only Love Today, Graceful Abandon's Top 10 Books for Christian Moms

ONLY LOVE TODAY is so good that I own it both in Kindle and have a hardcover copy that follows me around our home.

In this book, Rachel doesn't point moms to Scripture as overtly as I normally prefer, but she does point us to cherishing moments in each day. 

I've found myself pausing more and loving better as I've read through this book. It's comprised of short three-minute offerings to help you pause, focus on what matters, and choose love today.

BECOMING MOM STRONG is an incredibly well written offering from speaker and author Heidi St. John.

This generation of children is faced with things we didn't see when we were growing up. Heidi addresses the challenges of parenting in this culture and encourages and equips moms to answer the hard questions.

This is a mix of how-to's, practical ways to pray, and anecdotes that will have you nodding along as you realize she understands.

Becoming Mom Strong, Graceful Abandon's Top 10 Book List for Christian Moms

Be sure to let me know which of these you enjoy and if you have a book I haven't included, I'd love for you to leave it in the comments so I can check it out! Grab your coffee and have a seat with these women who are offering you help, hope, and grace.

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