What to Give Your Kids (Awesome Ideas for Teens, Children, & Toddlers)

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Deciding what to give your kids for Christmas, birthdays, or other occasions can be a challenge. Here are some awesome ideas for teens, children, and toddlers.

Great Gift Ideas for Teens

These "Ask Me About My T-Rex" T-shirts are so much fun! They also have a slim fit for your girls, if they prefer that style.

And if a T-Rex isn't your thing, grab the "Ask Me About My Nina Disguise" shirt.

This microwave air-popper makes the BEST popcorn.

Add some multi-colored popcorn kernels and a pack of shake on seasonings (this one has 8 different options!) and you have a fabulous gift!

How about a shaving kit? Guys love them! Harry's has some high quality gifts for the young men in your life.

But also, your gals would love a set of razors and blades (here's what I suggest for that!).

What's not to love about warm, fun socks in the winter? These are so darling!

And for the teen guy, check out THESE fun choices.

I'm not quite sure what is most appealing to teens here, but I know they love these! 

The stickers go right on the end of your phone charger and look hilarious.

I know this is a gift guide for teens, but honestly I'd love this!

What could be more entertaining than a Shakespearean insult calendar??? Just picture your scurvy companion making you feel sodden-witted with the intelligence of an elbow (and if you don't know these references, you might need this calendar yourself!)

The Best Gifts to Give Your Kids This Year

This is The Game Ledger. My kids use it pretty much daily. They LOVE recording scores and having tournaments with backgammon, rummy, monopoly, and more. Definitely snag one of these to record all your family fun!

Any kid would love this, or make it a gift for the whole family!

Laser tag adventures await you, with no need to head to the arcade.

These bike wheel lights already have batteries included, and they're ready to roll.

Kids will think they're fun,and you know they're safe. Win/win!

STEM learning at its finest! This take-apart dinosaur kit will entertain your little construction worker for hours.

It combines fun with fine motor development, problem solving, and analytical skills.

I really hope my husband reads this whole list so that he knows how much is wife would enjoy one of these tree swings.

Read a book, take a nap, relax, or even play on one of these every day!

This wireless handheld mic is perfect to use with bluetooth speakers for karaoke! 

So much fun for the entire family!

Just charge it for a bit and then let the good times roll. They can even just listen to music on it if they're too tired to put on a show!

These Kindle Fires and cases for kids are PERFECT gifts. We use these for homeschooling, for fun, for watching a movie, and more!

And this 2-pack is currently on sale!

This is so versatile that it's a wonderful solution to the dilemma of what to give your kids.

Toddler Christmas Gift Ideas

Great for tons of fun (and some sneaky learning!) for your toddler. 

Learning colors and shapes, sorting, counting, problem-solving, and more makes this set an all-around winner.

When someone gave a set of these to my kids, we thought they were cute. 

Two years later, they are still in our top 5 favorite gifts of all time. These are used DAILY in our home (by all ages!).

This toddler activity center is packed with entertainment for your little one.

One of my favorite things about it is how sturdy it stands. I also appreciate that it's fun to look it, too, since it's bound to take a prominent space in your home.

These (or any other Melissa & Doug food sets) are fabulous for development, Montessori style play, and just plain FUN.

Kids love doing what Mommy and Daddy do, and this makes it possible!

I could wax eloquent about the magic of Waffle Blocks for hours. 

No joke.

In our home, the only thing that even comes close to Waffle Blocks is Legos. Our kids have been enjoying them for over a decade now, and we continue to add to our collection.

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