What to Give the Minimalist in Your Life

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As someone who has spent months working to rid our home of unnecessary things, gift-giving holidays make me cringe on the inside. Here are some ideas of intangible, yet thoughtful gifts that you can give to the minimalist in your life.

For the Person on the Go (or a Stay-at-Home-Mom)

This is super exciting; it's showing up in more and more major metro areas.

Give a subscription to this (or any) service that makes their life easier!

For the Coffee or Tea Afficianado

A nice, high quality coffee bean is sure to please, if they are coffee drinkers. (These are my favorite)

Consumable gifts that enhance their already established lifestyle is a great way to please the minimalist in your life. Consider a coffee bean grinder if they don't have one.

A tea bag sampler pack is great for the tea lover in your life.

Organic teas are soothing and simply delicious.

And if they don't like coffee or tea, or if you just want to add a little extra, a nice wine sampler can be enjoyable.

For the Music & Book Lovers 

The Alex dot is AWESOME.

Direct 'her' to call someone, play a favorite song, or tell you the weather.

If you're a homeschooling family like us, unleash the kids on Alexa for all kinds of fun!

This has allowed us to really clean out our DECADES of CDs and still listen to whatever we enjoy.

If you have a music lover on your list, this subscription is sure to make your gift the fave.

If they don't already have an Audible subscription, this is a winner. Plus, they get TWO free books the first month!

Audible has been a game-changer in our home. There's a book going all the time, in every room...and I haven't had to build a new bookshelf.

If you have a book lover, Kindle Unlimited is the way to go. Access to thousands of books for free, every month.

And don't forget a Kindle to go with it! My personal favorite is the Paperwhite.

For the Kids (or the Entire Family!)

Consider experiences! I know our kids get super excited about receiving experiences, and we love sharing them with them.

  • Zoo Membership
  • Science or Children's Museum Membership
  • Gift Certificates to the Movies 
  • Token / Cards for a Local Arcade
  • A Train Ticket for a Fun Local Ride
  • Admission to a Local Festival
  • Lessons (music, sewing, cooking, etc)
  • Classes like a Painting Night

For the TV & Movie Buff

Get Kindle Fire TV with an Alexa responsive remote.

Watch any movie or show on any service you have access to, all with a voice command.

For the One Who Has It All...but Likes Shopping For More

An Amazon Prime membership covers all the bases.

Free 2-day shipping, Prime Pantry, Unlimited streaming of TV & movies, and free borrowing from the Kindle lending library.

Remember, the Minimalist isn't someone who hates "stuff." They just hate receiving it for the heck of it. They will truly appreciate a well-thought out gift that enhances their enjoyment of life. 

Check out the above ideas, but don't be afraid to make something with love, or write an encouraging note as well.

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