Investing In Worship (BTTB 30)

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King David, a man after God’s own heart, is one to really study. Boy, did he mess up (a lot!), but he also loved God deeply and understood what true relationship with God was.

Investing in worship; Bible in 90 Days Day 30 devotion

David wasn’t ¬†hampered by the Laws and regulations of the Old Testament; rather, he seemed to understand their necessity and purpose. In 1 Chronicles 24, we see David investing in worship.

Araunah offered to gift David his land, threshing floor, and even the oxen to sacrifice to God. But David would not worship God at someone else’s expense; he understood that the heart of worship goes beyond actions and to personal interaction.

What can we offer God today, that costs us? True worship is costly; it comes from the heart.

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