“My Morning Routine Needs Help!” Your 6-Minute Solution

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Are you a Christ-follower in need of morning routine ideas? Perhaps you’re the woman who wants to start every day with God but ends up thinking, “My morning routine needs help!” Here is a short but powerful 6-minute morning routine to make sure you start your day with what matters most. Maybe you’re the mom who drags herself out of bed to the sounds of squabbling children and feels like she runs into the day like it’s a brick wall. Or perhaps you wake up early, get a cup of coffee, spend some time in the Word, but still need motivation to do something practical. It’s possible you’ve never even considered setting a morning routine for yourself until someone suggested it and now you’re just curious what the big idea is. No matter which one you are, you know there has to be a better way! Need morning routine ideas ? Here's a 6-minute morning routine to get your day started on the right foot with God and a great attitude. #morningroutine #mornings #faith #Christian

My Morning Routine Needs Help!

If you’ve ever searched for morning routine ideas, you’ll see some common threads: simplicity, intentionality, and focus. This is even more important for faith-filled women, because we need to focus our hearts not just our minds. This simple 6-minute morning routine idea is a great solution if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “My morning routine needs help!” After all, a morning routine is a powerful thing. It can make or break your day. How you spend your morning is laying the foundation for what you are going to build with each new day. This simple six minute start isn’t intended to replace longer times of prayer and time in the Word, but will help focus your heart, mind, and attitude. In addition to a practical evening routine that sets your mornings up for success, you can also ready yourself for your morning time with God.

1. Prepare the Night Before

The key to succeeding at your day when you first wake up is preparing before you go to sleep. Take a minute or two to get a few things ready for your morning.
  • Pick Out a Worship Song

Go on your smartphone and choose a worship song to play in the morning.  Select something that really inspires you to praise God.  Here’s a list of the best worship songs for your morning routine (with links to listen to them!) for some ideas.

  • Prepare Your Scripture Declarations 

Write out 10 scripture declarations (this is a one-time event).

Pick 3 reminding you who God is, 3 identifying you who you are in Christ, and 4 about how you live your life in Christ.  Reading Scripture out loud is part of renewing your mind (Romans 12:1-2) so you are positioned to operate in your full identity as a child of God.

Keep your chosen scriptures on the wall beside your mirror.

  • Get Ready To Write Down Anything You Want To Remember

Have a pen and notebook beside your bed that lives there. That way when you are reading the Word, if you have anything you want to be able to look at again, you can make note of it.

  • Have Your Bible Or Bible App Ready To Give You Some Scripture

Keep your Bible next to your bed, ready to read.

If you’re not a book gal but you love your technology, that’s totally doable, too! Get a bible app that feeds you a scripture in the morning.  Check out this list of the best free Bible study apps for Christian women to choose one that will work for you!

2. Start Your Day Before You Leave the Bed

Now this is important. It seems simple enough, but it can make a big difference! Starting your morning before you get distracted by all the things you’ll want to do once you get out of bed will help ensure that you keep first things first.
  • Thank God [1 Minute]

As you start waking up, thank God before you even open your eyes (quietly if you do not want to wake up your spouse!).

Think of at least ten things to genuinely thank God for.  Do not just repeat the same things every day…try to intentionally think of fresh reasons to be grateful!

  • Pray: Dedicate Your Day & Surrender To God [45 seconds]

Ask God to guide you today to do whatever it is He wants from your life today.

Let Him know you surrender your time, energy, money, and your whole self to Him today to be used for His glory and to bring Him pleasure.

If He shows you anyone you must forgive, repent of unforgiveness before God.  Then forgive that person and pray good things for them.

Ask Him to guide you to the people He wants to touch this day and to give you the words and actions that express His love best. 

  • Pray: For Others & Any Needs God Lays On Your Heart [45 seconds]

When you pray, do so with faith and thanksgiving, expecting God to bring a good result in response to your prayer.

He loves you as a divine Father and He cares about your requests.  Leave any requests with the Lord joyfully expecting a good result from His hand.

  • Scripture Reading [30 seconds]

Read the scripture verse on your phone using your favorite app which you picked out the night before. Or flip to the bookmark you put in your Bible in anticipation of morning.

Another great idea is to make your phone lock screen a Bible verse you’re focusing on for the week and read it each morning (and every time you look at your phone!). Check out this list of the best Bible apps for women & for online Bible studies. —–> One of the perks of being a part of the Graceful Abandon community is the monthly morning routine habit tracker & free phone lock screen you get with a Bible verse for just this reason. It’s a great tool for busy women!

  • Wait On God Quietly [1 minute]

Quietly wait on God, too, by thinking over the verse for a moment and letting Him minister to you.  Using the notepad and pen you set out the night before write out anything that His Holy Spirit puts on your heart.

3. Get Out of Bed & Get Moving

Now that you’ve spent a moment before your feet even hit the floor focusing on God, it’s time to stand on that foundation and begin walking out your day.
  • Set Your Attitude for the Day

As you get out of bed and walk to the washroom, pump your fists over your head like you scored a goal and say “Yes!! this is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it”.   And dear one, be sure you mean it!

  •  Attitude of Worship

Put on the worship song you picked out the night before and worshipfully listen as you brush your teeth. Talk about a heart and mood lifter!

  • Scripture Declarations [1 minute]

Look at the ten scriptures you wrote out the night before which are beside your mirror.  Read them out loud in front of the mirror.  Read them with some “oomph” in your voice and conviction in your heart; speak them boldly!

  • Focus in On God

When you shower, focus in on God.  Imagine what it is like to be in God’s presence in Heaven praising Him continually with the angels, crying out “holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty!”

  • Write Out Your Schedule

Once you are showered and dressed, look over the schedule you laid out last night during your evening routine. Say a quick prayer and commit your plans to God, recognizing that He is leading you.

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The Most Important Morning Routine Idea: Start With Jesus

This 6-minute morning routine idea will give you a beautiful launching pad for your day. My sweet sister, you and your family are important enough for you to focus on laying a solid foundation for each day. And if this morning routine idea isn’t quite right for you? Go ahead and tweak it! Just remember the most important part of any morning routine: JESUS! After all, His mercies are new every morning so savor them sweetly and bask in His glorious grace at the start of each day. "My Morning Routine Needs HELP!" If that's you, this is the 6-minute morning routine idea you've been searching for. Start each day focused on the Lord and preparing for a victorious day. #morningroutine #mornings #faith #Christian
This post originally appeared on Faith It Like A Boss and  has been modified and shared here with permission from Rosemarie Ramsingh-Blackaby.

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