The Best Worship Songs For Your Morning: Start Your Day Strong

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Want to listen to worship songs, but not sure what to put on? Here’s a list of the absolute best worship songs for your morning routine.

Listening to worship music at start of your day will help you be productive and focused what truly matters: God. When you focus on the Lord, everything else falls into place where it belongs.

As a Christian woman, when you offer a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving to God your heart (and often your circumstances!) receive a total transformation.

Worshipping God will not only encourage you, but remind you that He is greater than anything you are facing. Seriously, any song on this list of the best worship songs to start your day will comfort you, help you smile, and possibly get you dancing!

Choose the best worship songs for your morning; a good song can make your day better.

How To Choose The Best Worship Songs For Your Morning

So how do you choose the best worship songs to add to your morning routine? Personally, I like to choose ones that set my heart and mind on God.

If you’re discouraged, choose ones that remind you of how big God is. If you’re sad, play songs about His joy. If you’re overwhelmed, pick songs about His peace.

You can’t go wrong with any worship song that focuses on the Lord and uses the Word, but sometimes you want to be even more intentional and choose one based on where you’re at that day.

There are YouTube links to each song below, but my favorite way to listen to the music I love is on Amazon Music, which you can try out for free if you’d like!

Songs to Remind You Of Who God Is

The sweetest worship songs are those that remind us of who God is. When we look at God, our challenges and struggles shrink in the face of His greatness and His great love for us. These songs will help focus your heart on God.

Songs To Get You On Your Feet Celebrating Joy In God

Seriously, dancing around your morning while you make your bed, get breakfast going for the kids, or dust the miniblinds is an awesome way to start your day.

And these songs are my absolute best worship songs for a bad day – they make it impossible not to dance and smile as you focus on God’s awesomeness!

Songs To Remind You Who You Are In Christ

Another important thing is to know who you are. You are His beloved, His precious child, His bride.

Reminding yourself of who you are in Christ provides precious truth to your heart and is an amazing way to start each day. That’s what makes these some of the best worship songs when

Songs To Worship & Adore God

You simply can’t go wrong when you pour out adoration and worship at the feet of the King who is Good and Faithful. Crying out His holiness and seeking to go in deeper to His heart is a truly awesome way to start each day with worship right in your own home.

Songs Of Comfort From God

Do you ever wake up already feeling behind and in need of encouragement? These songs are the best worship songs for when you’re hurting and need that encouragement that comes from God alone.

There are more peace-bringing songs on this list of worship songs to calm your anxiety, too! Check them out.

Personal Worship & Bible Study: It Changes Things!

These best worship songs will lift your heart to a place of praise and thanksgiving to God.  And that, my friend, is where miracles happen!  However, don’t stop there. Go deep in studying the Bible, too.

If you don’t know how to get studying, this list of the best Bible study apps and tools for Christian women will help.

When you live a life of worship in the Word, you’re living the life God desires for you. Jesus said that you should abide in Him and He in you (John 15:4) and that the Lord wants those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).

This is how you live that life. So start worshipping today by playing these, the best worship songs to help your morning routine be even better (or really for any time or day!), and tuning your heart to the Lord. And if you want to listen from your favorite phone or device, you can do so with Amazon music!

Listen to the best worship songs for when your heart needs a lift.

This post originally appeared on Faith It Like A Boss and  has been modified and shared here with permission from Rosemarie Ramsingh-Blackaby.

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