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3 Benefits Of Decluttering (That You Never Considered)

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Pretty much everywhere you look someone is telling you about the rewards of decluttering. You want what they are talking about, but then you walk into your home and wonder how on earth to get those results. You know something’s gotta give, but what?

It all starts with understanding what clutter actually is.

So many people think that clutter is having “too much” and minimalism is barely having enough. I think it’s time to redefine clutter and minimalism, honestly.

If you go to dictionary.com, you’ll see that the noun clutter means “disorderly heap” or “state of confusion.” That second definition is pretty accurate, don’t you think?

When you walk into a room and see piles of stuff, it’s overwhelming and it confuses your purpose. You forget why you’re there, or what you want to do. You forget who you want to be and what you want your life to look like.

All you can see is all you need to deal with it and it eclipses everything else. Clutter steals your time, your peace, and passion from you.

Definition of CLUTTER_anything that keeps you from living your purpose with joy by stealing your time, your peace, or your passion. Graceful Abandon, Lisa Yvonne.

Enjoy the Rewards of Decluttering

Clearing out the clutter gives you back your time.

When you get rid of the clutter you have time to pursue what you truly love. You have time to actually live your life instead of just managing the stuff that fills it.

Imagine waking up in the morning and savoring that first steaming hot cup of coffee and reading your Bible in a peaceful corner of your family room while you have your quiet time. You see cleared surfaces, you don’t trip over any toys, and it’s peaceful.

Imagine not wanting to constantly run the kids to the library or the park or the zoo just to get out of the house. You want to stay home because it’s actually a haven you all enjoy being in.

Imagine relaxing for a moment before your husband gets home from work instead of engaging in a mad scramble to make the house less of a combat zone because your home isn’t cluttered and you have time.

Sweet mama, this is why you want to clear the clutter. This is why it needs to go.

One of the most tangible rewards of decluttering is the time you will have added back into your schedule for the things that matter most.

Clearing out the clutter helps bring you peace.

When you get rid of the clutter you get rid of the overwhelming feelings that weigh you down every time you look at it. 

Now, you and I both know that peace is way more than just a clean home. Peace is about your soul and letting the Prince of Peace rule your life. But taking care of the external environment brings a calm to the internal places, as well.

We all feel better in a calm, soothing place. And your home should be your physical haven, even as Jesus is your emotional haven.

The state of my home is a pretty solid reflection of my mental and emotional state. When I’m feeling like Super Woman, my home is immaculate and when I’m feeling like a run down, frumpy, exhausted housewife my home is a chaotic mess.

Sometimes I can’t fix the exhausted, run down parts right away. But I can clear out some of the clutter and start.

That life you want to be living? What if all started with clearing out the clutter? 

It does!

One of the intangible rewards of decluttering is peace. There’s also joy, rest, and gratitude, to name a few.

Clearing out the clutter unearths your passions.

Can you remember waking up excited to start your day? Jumping up, grabbing an outfit, and feeling utterly fabulous because you knew that you were going to do the thing that makes your soul sing and your life have meaning?

If that morning wasn’t this morning, we need to talk.

It’s time for something to change. You deserve to be passionate about the life you are living today. If you’re not, it’s a sure sign you need to do some de-cluttering.

Getting rid of the things that distract you from your purpose will help you rediscover what you are passionate about and help you start living the life you were created to live.

Have you ever contemplated the rewards of decluttering as being this awesome? I didn’t…until I lived it!

Uncovering Your Purpose Under All The Clutter

Ever wonder how some women go through life fulfilled and focused and fabulous?

I used to.

Now I know: they are living their purpose. They are being intentional about what they do: they say yes to what matters and no to everything else.

That’s why the clutter has to go. If we say yes to clutter, it takes over. If we say no to it, we take over.

So start saying “no” to the clutter and find out what’s been hiding under it all this time.

Maybe it’s time to learn to play the ukelele. Perhaps it’s space to work on that painting you’ve been meaning to get to. What if it’s a deeper connection with your husband and kids?

Whoa. The change will be big, but it won’t be so overwhelming that you can’t make it happen. And it will be worth it!

Just start slowly. Print out the checklist that goes room by room (it’s down below!). It’s set up so that no one task takes hours; in fact, I challenge you to only do 10 minutes a day for a week. Set up a routine; you’ll love it!

Then ask yourself what clutter is costing you every day you live like you are right now.

After that, move on to making a list of the rewards of decluttering that you want to experience.

Ready yet?

What’s under the clutter in your life?

If you clear away the clutter you may find:

  • A renewed joy in your home
  • Delight in your children
  • Passion in your marriage
  • Peace in your mind
  • Happiness in having company again
  • Time to do the things you enjoy
  • And so much more!

Are you ready to make that change?

Get moving today with this fast start guide of 101 Easy Items To Declutter. When you sing up, the declutter your home checklist will go straight to your email!


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