Get Your Priorities Straight: The ONE Thing You Need To Know

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How do you get your priorities straight? By analyzing these 4 parts of your life and adjusting accordingly. #priorities

Can you imagine going about your business, doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing (and a fine job of it, as well!) and turning around to the Lord of the Universe saying, “Girlfriend, you need to get your priorities straight!”

That’s exactly what happened in a little town called Bethany to a very productive, efficient homemaker…just like you.

Actually what He said was, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary.” (Luke 10:41-42 ESV)

Could Jesus say that to you? I know He could to me.

Are you anxious for many things, dear one? Troubled about situations in your life?

Try focusing on the one thing that is necessary instead of all the others. It simply means you need to get your priorities straight. You probably have many priorities in life, but which ones matter most? And does your life reflect that?

Signs You Need To Get Your Priorities Straight

If you are wondering if that’s you, it’s time to examine the priorities in your life. Here are 4 simple clues that it’s time for a change and you need to get your priorities straight:

Clue #1: You don’t have time to have quiet time with God

Have you ever said you wanted to have a better prayer life or read the Bible more…if you only had time?

Have you ever remarked that you can’t remember the last time you read your Bible or really focused on the Lord and prayed?

If so, then you might need set your priorities straight.

Jesus told Martha, who was juggling so many necessary household tasks, that only one thing was required. Not the 8,762 things she was thinking about and trying to get done. One.

She had way too many priorities in life and Jesus was narrowing it down for her.

—–> He urged her to set aside the urgent to embrace the important.

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Clue #2: You get upset when your kids mess up your schedule

You’ve got a plan and you’re running toward it, and Joey spills juice all over his clean pants right before you walk out the door.

Or maybe Timmy lets the dog out by mistake.

Or Julia doesn’t make it to the potty on time.

Or Leah forgot to write up her biology lab report.

Whatever it is, it has upset the balance of your life and you are about to lose it. Sound familiar?

—–> What if life isn’t about the plan and the punctuality, but rather about all the little interruptions to those things?

Jesus’ visit was unsettling Martha’s household and she had a lot of work to get to. The least her sister could do was help, right?

But nooooo….she had to be lazy. By sitting at Jesus feet. Hmm. Sadly, I can relate. As much as I want to be Mary, I’ve got a Martha mindset. My priorities in life are far too often about doing and not enough about relating. What about you?

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set your priorities straight

Clue #3: You’re too tired to enjoy your husband

Do you fall into bed at night, exhausted? Too tired to even wash your face well?

When’s the last time you connected with your husband meaningfully? Prayed for him? Had sex with him?

Oh my friend, sit down. Breathe. And enjoy your husband. If you’re too tired to intentionally pour into your marriage, you are way too busy.

Jesus set marriage up, and designed husbands and wives to delight in one another and to be an example of His love to the world.

If you aren’t prioritizing your marriage, you’re missing out…but so is the world. Out of all your priorities in life, your marriage should come second only to your relationship with God.

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Clue #4: You’re not living with joy-filled pupose

Is each day a drudgery to you? This might be because you need to get your priorities straight.

—–> If you are spending more time on the urgent than the important, it’s a case of needing to fix the priorities in your life.

Martha and Mary likely both had a hand in running their home, but when Jesus came to town it was Mary who stopped being busy and sat at His feet.

She sat and learned while Marth kept running around.

When is the last time you sat at His feet and let Him give you His joy? That joy that is your strength?

If you’re not living with joy-filled purpose, it’s been too long.

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The Secret ONE THING To Get Your Priorities Straight

So what is that one thing Jesus told Martha was necessary?

It’s easy to imagine the dozens of urgent tasks involved in running a household, but what was the one essential task Jesus wanted her to see?

It was sitting at His feet. Prioritizing Him over everything else.


Martha needed to get her priorities straight by letting the housework and urgency of daily life take second place to her relationship with Jesus.

When I look at my life, I “fit in” quiet time. I “make room for” church. I “try to schedule” fun time with my family. Because, y’all, it’s hard work managing a household of ten people!

But if Jesus were to come and talk with me, I bet He would remind me: Stop worrying about the many urgent tasks you see, and start focusing on the one thing that matters most. Get your priorities straight!

What would He say to you?

Oh dear one, let me encourage you to the one thing that matters most. If you can do that one thing, a life of joy-filled purpose is close by, because once you set your priorities straight you can enjoy everything you put your hand to.

Are your priorities in need of some adjusting? Here are 4 things to check to see if you're living in the right direction.

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