The 11 Best Christian Blogs For Moms

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Motherhood is hard, challenging, and sometimes isolating. These Christian blogs for moms raising young children will offer you encouragement, Biblical wisdom, and the reassurance that you’re not alone in the trenches. These are the best Christian blogs for women who want to raise kids who love Jesus.

You want to raise kids who love Jesus. You want to be the best mom you can possibly be. But you just don’t know where to start.

Sometimes all you’re looking for is some gentle guidance, much needed encouragement, reassurance that you’re not messing it all up. And that’s totally okay.

You know the Bible is there, but sometimes you just want someone else to hold your hand hand and walk you through what it’s saying to you as a mom in this crazy season of life. That’s what these Christian blogs for women raising young children offer.

best 11 blogs for Christian moms

Graceful Abandon

As a busy mom of 8, I get it. I’m familiar with overwhelm, stress, feeling alone, and wondering if your kids are going to love Jesus when they grow up. I know what it’s like to second guess every little decision and worry over every big call. That’s why there’s Biblical encouragement and practical resources here for you — so you know you’re not in this alone.

Some great posts to check out:

Risen Motherhood

This is a hidden treasure of a site. Or maybe not so hidden. But they are so precious. These moms share Jesus. Unashamedly, and without glitter, glitz, or misplaced grace. This is 100% Biblically sound motherhood encouragement.

Follow them on social media, check out their blogs, and pre-order their book. Aren’t familiar with Risen Motherhood? Let me share a few of my favorite posts with you:

Hope Grown Faith With Christie Thomas

Christie is a children’s book author and blogger. Her site is one of my all time favorite places to hang out on the internet because it’s where I run when I need a moment of encouragement and reassurance. 

Christie’s writing will always point you to Jesus, but more than that it will take your hand and help you lead your children there. 

Some great posts to check out:

Sally Clarkson

If you’ve never read anything by Sally Clarkson, you’ve been missing out and need to change that ASAP. Seriously.

I first found here when I read about The Mission Of Motherhood and then gobbled up The Ministry Of Motherhood. My kids adored the Clarkson’s devotional called “Our 24 Family Ways.

But if you’re looking for something you can read in between loads of laundry or on the fly, her blog is where it’s at. In fact, she’s going through a series right now on their family ways, so check that out HERE.

We Are That Family

Kristen Welch is a long time favorite. Her book Rhinestone Jesus is one that every Christian woman should get their hands on, if possible. And her book on raising grateful kids in a world that’s so horribly entitled? Priceless.

Some great posts to read:

More Christian Blogs For Moms

Those aren’t the only Christian blogs for moms, either. Here are a few more to encourage you that I’ve personally been blessed by and know will bless you, too.

What other Christian blogs for moms would you add to this list?

best blogs for christian moms

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