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3 Things You Need To Do To Wait On God

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It’s hard to wait on God, but when you understand the tools you need to do and implement them it becomes much easier.

If you were told to wait for something and then in the next breath told to seek it out, would you be confused? I know I would.

But perhaps that is because waiting is misunderstood.

You see, waiting is often interpreted “Sit and wait” or “don’t do anything else until this happens.” But that’s so silly! After all, if you know your vacation starts on December 23, do you all of the sudden stop doing things on December 21 because you are waiting for vacation?

Likewise, do you start looking for ways to make your vacation start earlier?

No, you don’t. You go on and live your life, even while you know something is coming that you are excited about.

So it is with us and God.

waiting in lineWait for God

The prophet says that the Lord is good to those who wait for Him.

“To wait” means to either stay where you are or to delay a course of action until a specific catalyst occurs. For instance, you wait to leave for a restaurant until your husband gets home from work.

In Scripture, it means you trust God to do what He is going to do and you move forward only out of obedience to Him. It means to sit in perfect peace and let God be God.

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Seek God

The prophet also says that the Lord is good to the soul that seeks Him.

“To seek” means to search diligently for something that is hidden from your view. For instance, you seek out your purse so that you are ready to leave for the restaurant when your husband gets home.

In Scripture, seeking God usually refers to looking for Him with your heart, soul, and mind rather than using eyes and hands. It’s an internal action that you are prompted to do over and over from Genesis to Revelation.

Bible Lamentations 3:25

The 3 Things You Need To Do To Wait on God

Waiting is hard work. Ask any three-year-old the week before Christmas and they’ll confirm this fact.

You need to Know God

It would be really hard to wait for “someone” to show up “somewhere” at “some point in time”, wouldn’t it? Not knowing who, where, or what you are waiting for would most likely mean you gave up waiting if it took too long.

But if you know for whom you wait, you are more willing to do the waiting.

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You need to Believe God

If you don’t believe Him, why would you wait for Him? Belief in Him is foundational to your salvation (Acts 16:31) and is also what allows your faith to deepen and bear fruit.

When you believe that God will do what He says He will do and is who He says that He is, many of the challenges in waiting on Him to answer you are removed.

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You need to Trust God

Lastly, you need to trust God. When God tells you to wait, it can get hard to keep waiting…and waiting…and waiting… But you need to, because you trust Him.

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Waiting means staying where you are until a specific catalyst impacts your situation. What better ‘catalyst’ to impact any situation you are in than GOD?!

Let Your Soul Seek Him

Sweet friend, as you know Him, believe Him, and trust Him more, something beautiful is going to happen in your life.

It’s just not going to be enough for you.

God’s relentless love is so irresistible that you will want more and more of Him. Your soul will seek Him. And He will be good to you.

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