Dreaming for the Future, Content in the Present

rings bride marriage flowers bridal lisa grace photography

Once upon a time, boy met girl.  They went to college together, became friends, and settled into a nice rhythm.  A few years later friendship grew, blossomed, and became more.  They launched their life together and spent the next thirteen years creating a life that looked absolutely nothing like the one they had spent hours planning […]

Hey Mom, Take Time for Fun


This coming school year is one that I am greeting with more joy and anticipation than even my very first year of homeschooling.  It all started back in January when I prayed about a word for the year.  I do that every year, but this one was different.  I was desperate.  Why?  Because I was stretched […]

How I’m Getting Rid of My Debilitating Morning Sickness

spring flowers

I’m pregnant.  I’m excited about our little baby that we’ll get to hold and love this fall.  But daily, it’s a battle to be joyful right now.  I know that I’ve instantly offended some of you, because sharing my struggles with just my friends has gotten me a broad response base.  I’ve heard, “Be thankful, […]

Organizing Our Homeschool Year, Part 1


I’ve been chatting with lots of my mom friends lately about homeschooling.  Why?  Because this is the time of year when I start planning for the next one and organizing our next homeschool year.  I always start by reading my verse for the year and praying.  If I don’t do that first, I know nothing […]

Long Dark Night of the Soul: When You Are Feeling Hopeless

lamentations 3

There is a phrase used throughout Christian history to describe a challenging time when God seems silent and the expresser of the emotion feels alone.  They say they are experiencing a long, dark night of the soul.  I cannot at all say that I have experienced something that devastating or overwhelming in recent years – maybe […]

Ash Wednesday: Why We Celebrate Lent


This morning in our home we are doing things a little bit differently.  We are pausing, reflecting, searching.  We are taking this idea, and our “ash” for today will come from a bowl of flour, a bowl of repentance.  We are making tea, listening to calming music, lighting candles, and talking about this season of […]

Fantastic and Frugal Menu Plan

super frugal menu plan

One of my most popular posts ever was my “emergency menu” plan that fed my family of 8 (yes, two parents and six kids and the occasional guest!) for just under $100 and remained nourishing and delicious at the same time.  I heard from a mom this week from Oregon that used it and was able […]

Birthdays, Blessings, & Black Beans

beach silhouette

  Last week our family was blessed to spend the seven whole days together on the beach, playing in the sand and even (insanely) in the water.  This week of the year is one I look forward to the other 51 weeks because we are all together, with no distractions.  I often don’t even turn […]

What are you looking at?

look at Me and be saved

  Isaiah 45:22 says, “Look to Me, and be saved…“What are you looking at today? I know I started the day looking at the mess I had to clean, the school work yet to complete, the bills I’m not sure how we’re going to pay, and the frigid weather outside. It’s no wonder I found […]

Out of Seed? SOW!

  What a tremendous reminder!    First of all, God PROVIDES. I’m sure that you, like me, are often in need of provision.  It seems like something is always popping up and we wonder where the resources for its provision will come from.  I am starting to wonder why I wonder.  I already know.  Every […]

Order! Order! Order in the Home!


  In a courtroom, a judge bangs a gavel and cries out ORDER and everyone settles down.  Why?  Because the judge has the authority to demand order and to mete out consequences when that order does not come.  It is an authority given to them by the government when they are sworn in to their […]

Robbing People: A Past Time of the Christian Woman?

This week I was told by someone very dear to me that I excelled at something: robbing people. Robbing people of their blessings, to be more specific. How? Because I was always willing to be the “mom” who gave, but never the woman who graciously received. I would give out of my abundance easily he […]

The Vision~ Will You Catch It?

I know it’s long. I know it’s probably weird and out of the box. But please, read it through. This is simply entitled “The Vision” and I referenced its origin at the end. When I read this, my spirit gets motivated and my heart begins to renew itself with the hope of what is going […]

Living with Graceful Abandon


  Since so many of my readers are new, I wanted to share with you my dream for this blog.  It’s a dream God gave me half a dozen years ago now, and it has only grown stronger.  I want this to be more than just a place you visit to grab some ideas for […]

A Radical Life of Refuge: Confidence in God

refuge psalm34_8

I’ve always thought of a refuge as a safe harbor in a storm, or a secure fortress in a battle, or a safe nook to curl up in and feel protected from the world.  To me, verses like this meant that God kept me safe and I could hid in Him.  And while that is […]

Hiding Under the Covers: Strength For the Mom Who Has None Left

hiding under the covers

This was me.  Yesterday.  No, not sleeping.  Hiding.  If you had asked me what I was hiding from, I’d have told you my life, the broken pipes, my kids, stress, and possibly a dozen other things that were overwhelming me.  But the truth is that I was hiding from myself.  I was hiding from the […]

Skinny is Not Healthy

skinny is not healthy

I remember the day I graduated high school.  I was a trim size 6 and 11% body fat (nearly all of which was supported by my bra).  I weighed 145 pounds and my doctor told me that with my 5’2″ frame I should weigh around 115.  I had heard from various people who mattered to […]

Awe and Wonder: Worship of the Holy God

awe ukraine kyiv church

The last two summers found us in Ukraine on a beautiful journey of adoption.  During this journey, our faith in God grew as a family; it’s been breath-taking to watch.  But I also grew an an individual.  I encountered some testing situations along the adoption journey as well as some miracles.  My view of God […]

Organizing the Fridge (and our Menu)

fridge hubby and elijah

An Organizing Success! Our weekend project was to clean out and organize the fridge.  As in: dismantle it, scrub it all clean, sanitize it all, and put it back together neatly and in a way that makes sense.  Our oldest son, who adores a project, jumped all over the task and emptied the fridge and began […]

A Joyful Mother

joyful mother of children

Today as I sat at my desk trying to do some work, I was surrounded by my kids bouncing here, there, and everywhere.  Between the six of them, quiet wasn’t even a dream let alone a realistic option.  Neither was working without interruption.  Most of the time, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  But […]

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