Quinoa Breaded Chicken Tenders, Buffalo Style (gluten free, low fat, paleo, THM)

quinoa breaded chicken fingers paleo low fat gluten free thm

  Lately I’ve had to really focus on my health and get more creative doing so.  I used to have the occasional cheat every now and again: pizza from my favorite shop, buffalo wings with Caribbean Jerk sauce, and crunchy chicken tenders with my favorite buffalo sauce.  I was doing okay without all that stuff […]

What To Do When Nothing Seems To Work

diet fail discouraged mom

  I’m thirty-four years old.  I’ve been married for thirteen years and we have seven pretty amazing children.  We just moved to an awesome new home, hubby has a steady job, the kids are doing well in school, and we have a pretty rockin’ community that we get to be a part of.  And yet […]

Ten Simple Advent Traditions

graceful abandon jesse tree advent candle wreath devotions family light in the darkness holiday traditions

Advent is our favorite time of year.  If you know me or you’ve followed along on the blog for any length of time I’m sure this doesn’t come as a surprise to you.  I think it’s important for us to instill in our family the beauty of waiting, of anticipating.  That budding anticipation that springs […]

Breakfast Casserole

Egg Bake Casserole with Homefries

The dining room table is our most used space. I just love gathering everyone around it for an afternoon tea, brunch, family dinner, or to work on a project. I could go one for days about the beauty of the family table and the time we spend around it. I’ll save that for another post. […]

Top Ten Gifts {for that hard to shop for someone}

top ten gift for that hard to shop for someone graceful abandon

I don’t know about you, but there is always someone who is hard to get the perfect gift for.  My husband and best friend would tell you that I am that person.  I would say it’s my hubby.  Why?  Well, I don’t have room for “stuff” since our little home is overflowing with children and their […]

Thanksgiving: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

thanksgiving the most wonderful time of the year

My very favorite weekend of every year is Thanksgiving.  There is just no competition.  I do love Christmas with my family, and Easter is a close competitor, but Thanksgiving is seriously the winner.  Do you have one of those days or weekends or even weeks?  You know, that one you look forward to all year […]

Goal Setting: Knowing Your Why

Goal Setting: Knowing Your Why @ www.gracefulabandon.com

I bet you think you know what I’m going to talk about, don’t you?  After all, a post entitled “Goal Setting: Knowing Your Why” is most likely about knowing why you want to set goals, right?  Close.  But it’s a little deeper than that. Imagine with me if you will a perfect moment in your […]

Searching for Value

searching for value graceful abandon lisa tucker lisa yvonne blog

  Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to search diligently to find something of value to take from it?  A few years back, I took the kids to some caverns and they sifted through all kinds of sludge and pebbles to find gems of worth to take home with them. […]

Pumpkin Cheesecake Smoothie

pumpkin cheesecake smoothie graceful abandon lisa yvonne frappa THM

I love a good drink for breakfast.  I rarely take the time to make myself a meal, but I can always drop some ingredients into my BlendTec and whip up a treat.  At this time of year, I generally lean towards toasty warm beverages but I found myself wanting a dessert like treat the other […]

Making Mornings Easier: More Than Survival

making mornings easier more than survival sunrise isaiah 26 graceful abandon lisa tucker

I don’t know about you, but in my home mornings seem to be something to be survived instead of enjoyed.  I used to be a morning person, but I also used to not have kids and get to sleep all night long.  These days, I’m up nursing a baby twice during the night and more […]

Time with Jesus Daily

Tabor_JesusDaily_Hi Res-1

The most important task I have as a mother is to teach my children to pursue God and to submit to Him.  That is a huge undertaking, but taking it one day at a time is a lot less daunting.  Years ago I went to a women’s luncheon and the pastor’s wife shared that each […]

Family Time: The Core of Discipleship


One thing that has become increasingly important to me over the years is carved out family time.  Not just because it’s important to have fun together while they are young, but also because it is critical to build relationships because we are influencing their eternity.  Family time is literally the core of discipleship. We used […]

Cinnamon Citrus Crumble Muffins

cinnamon citrus crumble streusel muffins graceful abandon recipe

I still remember the night that I baked Cinnamon Streusel Orange Muffins with my Lil Man.  We had an awesome time working together!  So I dug up this post to share again; it’s a great recipe for a cool fall morning with a warm cup of coffee.  We now make Cinnamon Citrus Crumbles (and sometimes […]

Bed Time Tea: Sipping for my Soul

sipping for my soul graceful abandon tea nurture spirit motherhood mom rough day

Today was a great day.  I woke up early, had my quiet time, nurtured my soul.  I even got a shower in before breakfast (and if you’re a stay at home mom with a hanful of littles running around, you’ll understand the little victory dance I did afterwards!).  I headed into my day with a […]

Nurturing My Soul in the Midst of Chaos

devotions secret place quiet time motherhood graceful abandon _1

The last ten months have been some of the most challenging I’ve ever experienced.  Yes, that sounds dramatic.  No, it’s not hyperbole.   There were nights that I sat and sobbed after the kids went to bed because I felt so stretched and tired and insignificant that all I could do to pray was weep. […]

Dreaming for the Future, Content in the Present

rings bride marriage flowers bridal lisa grace photography

Once upon a time, boy met girl.  They went to college together, became friends, and settled into a nice rhythm.  A few years later friendship grew, blossomed, and became more.  They launched their life together and spent the next thirteen years creating a life that looked absolutely nothing like the one they had spent hours planning […]

Hey Mom, Take Time for Fun

hey mom take time for fun children motherhood play priorities graceful abandon lisa tucker

This coming school year is one that I am greeting with more joy and anticipation than even my very first year of homeschooling.  It all started back in January when I prayed about a word for the year.  I do that every year, but this one was different.  I was desperate.  Why?  Because I was stretched […]

How I’m Getting Rid of My Debilitating Morning Sickness

spring flowers

I’m pregnant.  I’m excited about our little baby that we’ll get to hold and love this fall.  But daily, it’s a battle to be joyful right now.  I know that I’ve instantly offended some of you, because sharing my struggles with just my friends has gotten me a broad response base.  I’ve heard, “Be thankful, […]

Organizing Our Homeschool Year


I’ve been chatting with lots of my mom friends lately about homeschooling.  Why?  Because this is the time of year when I start planning for the next one and organizing our next homeschool year.  I always start by reading my verse for the year and praying.  If I don’t do that first, I know nothing […]

Long Dark Night of the Soul: When You Are Feeling Hopeless

lamentations 3

There is a phrase used throughout Christian history to describe a challenging time when God seems silent and the expresser of the emotion feels alone.  They say they are experiencing a long, dark night of the soul.  I cannot at all say that I have experienced something that devastating or overwhelming in recent years – maybe […]

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