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Why YOU Are Necessary To The Great Commission

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Did you know that you are necessary to the Great Commission? Yes, my sweet friend, it is the Christian’s responsibility to share the Gospel.

“Do you understand what you’re reading?”

“How can I, unless someone instructs me?”

This is an actual conversation from the pages of the Bible. And a rather logical one, at that. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

God Has Commissioned You

Did you know that God has commissioned you? The “Great Commission” is a title coined to describe Jesus’ final command to His followers on this earth.

They were to (1) go out, (2) make disciples, (3) baptize them, and (4)teach.

And you are to go out, make disciples, baptize, and teach as well. It is your responsibility as a Christian to share the Gospel with the world, but you can’t just stop there.

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God Has Directed You

In Acts 8:26-40, Philip is sent by God to walk a certain path and along his journey he comes across a man reading aloud from the Old Testament prophet Isaiah.

He didn’t stumble into someone who needed to know Jesus simply going about his daily life. No, he was going about his daily life when the Holy Spirit nudged him and he obeyed.

And it was while he was obeying that he encountered the person who needed to hear Gospel truth.

It’s important to remember that while you can make plans for your life, ultimately God directs your steps.

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And your obedience literally holds eternal consequences. Some you will clearly see, and others you won’t. But obedience is so important, my friend. It is the Christian’s responsibility to share the Gospel, and you are a necessary part of the Great Commission here on Earth.

God Has Equipped You

Did you know that you have everything you need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3)?

He not only calls you to share the Gospel, but He equips you to share the Gospel.

And His grace is sufficient for you, and His power made perfect in your weakness (2 Cor 12:9).

He will also equip you for every good thing (Hebrews 13:21).

He did the same for Philip.

You Are A Necessary Part of the Great Commission

Just like Philip was appointed by God to witness to the Ethiopian eunuch, there are people that God plans for you to share the truth with.

The question the Ethiopian asked Philip could be asked of any Christian, and you must consider that those in your life ask you this: “How can I [understand] unless someone instructs me?”

God chooses to use His children to explain His love to a world that is lost and dying. The world needs you to explain the Gospel.

But it’s more than “the world.” It’s that one person God is sending to you to. The one person He’s put on your heart to pray for. That one person needs you; to them you are necessary!

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That Person Needs Your Heart & Your Message

“Making disciples isn’t about making students; it’s about revealing Jesus to them so that He can captivate their hearts. It’s about presenting the Gospel with love so that it is irresistible. It’s about people who come to Him wanting to know more.” ~Lisa Yvonne, Graceful Abandon

The world doesn’t need another teacher; no, it needs another Jesus-follower and lost-lover to reach out and share the Gospel with irresitible love.

It’s the not the Christian’s responsibility to share the Gospel by shouting on street corners or leaving Gospel tracks under windshield wipers at the local Walmst.

It is the Christian’s responsibility to share the Gospel by living a magnetic life that evidences God’s grace in the daily happenings.

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Love Out Loud

When you honor your husband by speaking well of him, supporting him, and loving him, you show the truth of the Gospel to those around you. After all, marriage is a picture of Christ’s love for the church.

When you are downright exhausted by your children and you let the Good Shepherd lead you to rest instead of erupting and losing it completely, you are sharing the Gospel with those who are watching you.

When the Holy Spirit prompts you to go a certain direction and you obey, you are also sharing the Gospel with those around you.

When you love the person who is hateful, rude, or just a pain in the neck because you know they are made in the image of the God you love, you are fulfilling the Great Commission.

You, my sweet friend, are called to live a life that loves out loud. Shout Him loudly in your strength, your passion, and your joy.

And shout Him just as loudly in your hurt, your healing, your frustration, and your waiting seasons.

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Give Out Loud

And let your love prompt you to give.

Give your time, your efforts, your wisdom, your prayers, your life.

When you obey and talk to someone, that’s awesome. But make disciples, too. Teach them, help them grow, and give of your understanding and point them to Jesus.

After all, how can they gain understanding unless someone explains it to them?

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