Bible in 90 Days: Week 11

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How exciting to have moved into the New Testament! We see not only the order and mercy of God, but His great love manifesting through His Son, Jesus.

Are you excited? How beautiful to read of Him walking on earth, offering healing and hope and redemption.

DAY 71: The Part of the Great Commission You’ve Been Missing

Day 72: The High Cost of Doubting God

doubting God

Day 73: The Practice of Pondering (the Depths of a Mother’s Heart)motherhood thinking read the entire Bible

Day 74: 4 Ways to Know Your Priorities Need To Get Set Straight

90 day bible challenge priorities

Day 75: Why Jesus Turned Water Into Wine (and what it means for you!)

significance of the water into wine

Day 76: Christians, Judgment, and Mercy: Where We Ought To Stand

stop being judgmental

Day 77: When Everything You Have Still Isn’t Enough

when you fall short and your best isn't enough and you're not a good enough mom

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