When Everything You Give Is Just Not Enough

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You run around like a chicken with your head cut off, but at the end of the day things are still left undone.

You give and give and give of yourself and still they need more of you.

You feel sucked dry, empty, and ill-equipped for this life you lead.

And then someone asks you for more.

When Your ‘Yes’ Falls Short

No matter how much you say ‘yes’ to others, you still have only so much to give.

If you have $20 in your wallet and groceries cost $40, you go home with less food or get more money.

If you have had the worst day possible and used up all of your grace and compassion and patience, you either hit your “done” point or need to refresh and let God fill you up with more.

If someone asks you for something you don’t have, you either say “no” or figure out a way to get it.

But what about when you want to give more, provide more, offer more but you simply don’t have it and can’t make it appear?

When your ‘yes’ falls short it can be hard.

Especially if you are a capable perfectionist with many people leaning on you. It can make you feel like a failure.

You can feel inadequate, and ill-suited.

Not understanding a Proverbs 31 Bible study can leave you feeling hopeless. But it's not! Proverbs 31 is actually filled with grace for YOU.

When Your ‘Yes’ Is More Than Enough

But what about when your ‘yes’ is more than ample?

There’s little more rewarding than meeting someone’s needs or enriching their life in a meaningful way.

It’s downright awesome to love your kids and your friends and your community, and to be able to give, give, give.

How can you make that your daily reality?

Acts 3 shows you that. Peter and John were on their way into the Temple for the hour of prayer when a crippled beggar asked them for money.

Money they didn’t have. Their ‘yes’ would fall short.

Or would it?

Here’s where it gets amazing. “Silver and gold have I none, but let me give you what I do have. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, get up and walk!”

The man got up and began dancing and leaping and praising God.

When Peter didn’t have enough of his own resources, he didn’t even try to bridge the gap with his own efforts. He simply gave the man Jesus.

Because Jesus is always the everything they need.

Give Them Jesus

When your resources run low, remember that God is your Provider. Trust Him. Do your best, be a faithful steward, pray, and trust.

When the kids need more than you have, give them Jesus. If you lose it, repent to them, pray to God, and give them Jesus.

When your marriage is exhausted, give it to the Lord. Stop trying to fulfill your husband and complete him; instead be his helpmeet and let Jesus fill the voids (although, Jesus will use you for His work many times there).

When you’ve got nothing left in yourself and you feel crippled by your past, your anxiety, or your overwhelm, stop asking for simple fixes like money or a night out or a day off. Ask for Jesus.

And when they ask you for more than you have to give, don’t feel bad or not enough. Give them Jesus.

It’s not always about you having enough to give in and of yourself; it’s you knowing that Jesus is the ultimate answer to every single need.

not enough

Leaping and Dancing and Praising God

And let’s not forget the most important part. The beggar man was carried to the temple gates to beg. He couldn’t walk and he was asking for coins to buy his food.

What he got was a transformed life because Peter gave him Jesus, and Jesus reached into that man and gave him what he truly needed: healing.

And the man began to leap and dance and praise God. He reveled in what Jesus gave him, rather than complaining that he still had no money.

Don’t fall into the trap of asking God for one thing and being disappointed when He gives you something else. Because God’s ‘something else’ is always better than what you’ve asked for.

He is a good Father who gives you good things because of His great love for you. And He will give good things to others through you because He loves them and delights in using you for His glory.

Likewise, don’t allow yourself to feel like a failure when you can’t give someone exactly what they ask you for. If you are giving them Jesus, that is so much more than they will ever need!

When everything you have is still not enough, you give them Jesus.

Jesus is always your more than enough ‘yes’.

 This is a part of the Bible in 90 Days challenge.

 when you fall short and your best isn't enough and you're not a good enough mom

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