Bible in 90 Days: Week 4

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You’re just about at the 1/3 mark of the Bible in 90 Days Challenge. Wow! And this week is full of amazing things that are not only historically fascinating, but relevant, challenging, and encouraging for us today.

Bible in 90 Days: Week 4

Day 22: God Chooses the Blessing

God's blessing determines our success.

Day 23: Is God a Liar?

Is God a liar? Bible in 90 Days Day 23


Day 24: Becoming A Woman After God’s Heart

5 Ways to Make God Happy

Day 25: How To Hear God When He Whispers

When God Whispers in the Wilderness: How to Hear

Day 26: What You See is NOT What You Get

what you see is not what you get

Day 27: Hold Fast To God ~ 3 Ways To Live a Stand-Out Faith

Hold Fast to the Lord

Day 28: Reading the Bible Changes Your Life

Read the Bible in 90 days with Graceful Abandon. Reading the Bible changes your life. A look at the action demanded by a heart change in the Christian's life.

And just in case you missed anything up until now, you can go back and check out the resources for weeks 1-3. There’s a daily devotion for each, a weekly recap, and more. Check out the Bible in 90 Days TABLE OF CONTENTS.




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