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10+ Stay At Home Date Ideas For Couples

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Some simple yet special stay at home date ideas for couples to nurture romance, nourish relationship, and never let routine take over.

These days, going on a date can seem like an impossible task. That’s why it’s time to really beef up your repertoire of stay at home date ideas.

When you’ve been at home for half of forever, those once special date nights at home can feel like a tired routine instead of tantalizing romance.

And you do not want that.

As a mom of 8 and a wife of 20 years, I know just how simple it is to slip into the same rhythm (hey, it works!) and trust that the romance will be there when you finally have the time to relax and enjoy it (whenever that is).

But I also know it won’t happen on its own. Relationships require intentional tending.

And stay at home dates are one way you do that!
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A Fresh Take On A Classic: New Ideas For Stay At Home Date Nights

Netflix and takeout can be nice, as can a simple marathon of your favorite movies.

Cooking together and talking over dinner is also sweet.

But they aren’t enough. When you’re not going out, you need to make sure the time you spend in is special.

Rhythms and routines are fabulous for managing your home, making sure homework gets done and laundry stays caught up (or almost caught up, let’s be real), and not running out of milk.

But romance? Connection? Intimacy? Those need TLC to flourish.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your marriage or you just want some simple ways to uplevel your time together at home…these stay at home date ideas for couples are perfect.

couple on a stay at home date night

Fast, Simple, & Fabulously Seductive Stay At Home Date Ideas

If you’ve ended up with time you weren’t expecting or you’ve decided it’s time for a last minute date, but you don’t have much time, one of these fast and simple stay at home date ideas are perfect!

They won’t take long to put together, but they’ll still be fresh and fun.

  • Finger Foods & Foreplay – make simple hors d’oeuvres that are light and tasty (remember, it’s a date night, so avoid things that weigh you down or make you gassy). Cheese and crackers, fondue, pinwheels…whatever you both enjoy. Take turns feeding each other bites…and nibble anything that looks appetizing.

  • Strip Poker – it’s a classic for a reason. Don’t be afraid to add an extra layer to prolong the suspense…and swap out your last layer for something a little more flirty than he’s expecting.
couple playing cards at home
  • Board Game Night – winner takes all. Grab your favorite games and think of fun rewards for the winner to choose from. Maybe a shoulder rub? An extra special kiss? You decide. To make it even more fun, pick quick games so someone is winning regularly (think Connect 4 over Monopoly) OR play in rounds (instead of collecting $200 when you pass go, maybe you collect two kisses AND $200!).

  • Truth & Daregrab this free date night game and have it delivered digitally to your inbox. Cut out the cards and have some fun. There’s no way to lose at this game and you’ll be enjoy winning

Slow & Sumptuous Stay At Home Date Ideas

Maybe you’re ready to plan a fabulous at home date for this weekend and you’ve got time to get the details just right.

If that’s the case, try one of these slow yet seductively sumptuous stay at home date ideas for couples.

  • Dress Up Dinner For Two – But remember, you’re not dressing up for a night on the town. This time, dress to stay in. Maybe you have a comfy robe to wear over your favorite lingerie or another outfit that’s very appealing and teases what’s to come. Slip into something comfortable, enjoy dinner by candlelight, and take dessert down the hall when you’re done.
couple dancing at home
  • Dance Mix Magic – After your dinner, it’s time to make some magic dancing. Create a playlist of all the songs you’ve enjoyed over your relationship and string up some pretty lights or use candles to create a romantic spot in your home to dance together.

  • Treasure Hunt – Create clues and set up a fun scavenger hunt. It can lead to a nice basket of desserts, a new game to play, to the couch for a new movie, or under the pillow in the bedroom where you are the treasure. You decide how fun or flirty you want to take it.

  • Hotel & Spa – Clean your room, get some fresh bedding on your bed, hide the clutter, and maybe even rearrange. Make your bedroom a beautiful escape by diffusing your favorite essential oils, having low lighting, and a fresh bed. Get some oils and creams and enjoy a spa experience together. Don’t forget the back rub!

  • Travel Experience – Choose your favorite cuisine and create a theme night.

    Making tacos? Play fiesta music, wear bold colors and maybe even a dress to kick up your heels in, and watch a movie that takes place south of the border. Go all in!

    Or maybe you want to see Italy? Cue up a YouTube travel video, make your best pasta dish (or better yet, cook together!), listen to Italian music (that’s Amore!), and end the evening with some tiramisu while star gazing.

    Pick a destination and stay at home and enjoy it!

Make It Memorable Monthly: Truly Unique Stay At Home Date Ideas For Couples

Want to have a special date night…each month?

It may sound challenging and a bit overwhelming to keep things fresh, fun, and flirty that often with your busy life, but that’s why you make it easy, memorable, and magnificent with the Year of Romance.

Most of the plans in the Year of Romance are for stay at home date nights, but some are out and about (but still just the two of you, or easily adaptable at home).

You will enjoy fabulous date nights, completely planned, with creative ideas, guides, and printable to ramp up the fun. There are even bonus playlists, invites, and more…Enjoy! Buy yours today at a special discounted price.

digital date night kit

Put Your Heads Together & Plan

Another great way to stay and home and enjoy a date night is to plan your next adventure.

Whether it’s hiking the Appalachian Trail, a week of elaborate and luxurious travel through the French countryside, or visiting a national park…start planning!

Do some research about where you want to go, what you want to do, and set your itinerary.

Consider finding a recipe from where you’ll be visiting and cooking it, playing music to set the mood, and dressing for the part, too!

The Perfect Stay At Home Date Idea

While any of these ideas are fun (believe me, I’ve enjoyed them all!), the perfect stay at home date idea is the one you’ll actually make happen.

So pick one, and enjoy yourselves! You don’t have to leave the house to enjoy a marvelous evening together.

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