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The Super Simple Guide To A ‘Date Night In’ For Married Couples

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The “Super Simple Guide To A DATE NIGHT IN For Married Couples” is here! These 3 key ingredients combine to serve up a sizzling date night at home. 

A romantic Date Night In is waiting for you; all you need to know is these 3 secret ingredients to make it happen. Every married couple needs to know how to have a great date night in; it's part of a healthy marriage.

The kids are fed, the laundry is done (for the next 30 seconds, at least), and on a good day you even get to shower before noon. But you’re so desperate for romance that you’d trade your last cup of coffee for a night out with your husband, but it’s just not happening.

Maybe when the kids go off to college. If you last that long.

Feel familiar? If so, you need to hit ‘pause.’ It’s time to shift some priorities and make it happen.

You need a DATE NIGHT IN!

And not the predictable Netflix & chill date night in, either. You guys deserve to make it fun, romantic, and special. No, it’s not impossible. If you know the secret ingredients for an epic date night in, it’s totally possible to have one this weekend (or whatever night you choose!).

Ingredients For A Romantic Date Night In

So what makes for a romantic date night in? After all, you’re home most nights and it’s life as usual. But you can fix that and have a night to remember instead!

To have a special date night at home, all you need is a few key ingredients for your special night of romance. And they aren’t hard, at all.

Planning for your date night in is an essential step to making date night at home happen.

Key Ingredient #1 For An Epic Date Night IN: Plan

The first step toward a truly enjoyable date night in is a plan. The reason that Netflix and chill is the default at home date night for so many is that no one plans ahead and it’s easy.

But if you want a romantic date night in that stands out as something special, planning is a must.

Think about what you want to do for your date night inwhen you’ll have your at home date night (when the kids are napping, after they go to bed, when they’re on a play date, etc), where in your home you’ll host your romantic tryst (kitchen, living room, bedroom), and how you’ll make your date night in a reality.

A little bit of planning will go a long way towards transforming a typical night at home into a special date night in for two.

A romantic Date Night In is waiting for you; all you need to know is these 3 secret ingredients to make it happen. Every married couple needs to know how to have a great date night in as well as one out on the town.

Key Ingredient #2 For An Epic Date Night IN: Prepare

That’s right. It’s not enough to plan what you want to do…now you get to prepare for it. Just because your date night in is happening at home, doesn’t mean it’s less special than if you were going out.

Prepare Your House For A Date Night At Home

After all, a date night in will be more relaxing if you’re not shoving piles of clean laundry to the side so you can snuggle on the couch together! And your date night dinner will be more enjoyable at a clean table with some candles than it would if you’re shoving sippy cups and mystery goo off the table before you sit down.

A clean and decluttered space allows you to relax more. If the mess is overwhelming to you, then you won’t enjoy your special night at home nearly as much.

You don’t need to go crazy, but you do want to carve a little haven for the two of you to enjoy. After all, ambiance can make or break a date.

Prepare Your Pantry For A Date Night At Home (or bedroom or living room or…)

Does your date night in require any shopping? Make sure you take care of it ahead of time (unless you enjoy shopping together and then by all means…go ahead and start your date night that way!).

Think about what food and drink you want on hand, any decorations (who doesn’t love candlelight?), a special game or movie, and maybe a surprise or two.

If you need to have something set up, be it candles or a card table for games or wine glasses, get them ready so you can avoid the stress of last minute scrambling.

Prepare Yourself For A Date Night At Home

That’s right, my friend, get yourself ready! Physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Take a shower, shave your legs, wear an outfit you feel good in, maybe even upgrade your undergarments. And don’t be afraid to go for a walk, have a cup of tea, or whatever else you do to calm down and relax so you’re ready to enjoy your time together.

And if you’re tired, try to sneak in a nap or at least get some down time in.

Yes, even a date night in for married couples deserves special preparation! Think about the days before kids…before the big “I Do”…back when you were young and counting the minutes until you could see one another again.

Prepare for your date night in like you would have back then. It matters even more today because life can really wear down a marriage. And your marriage needs to be a priority.

Date night is way more enjoyable when you’re relaxed and feeling attractive. If you need some more ideas, here are 10 ways to feel more attractive for your man and yourself.

Key Ingredient #3 For An Epic Date Night IN: Party

You’ve planned ahead and done the prep work for your date night in, so now it’s time to PAR-TAY.

Don’t let exhaustion make you take a rain check or some unexpected curve ball derail you. Your marriage is a priority and your date night in is part of keeping it healthy. Marriages need to be tended regularly and refreshed with intentional effort.

Don’t feel guilty about it, don’t let someone interrupt it (turn that phone off or at least on silent!), and don’t get distracted by your to do list or the stress at work.

You’re married and you deserve to celebrate each other. It’s time to party, my friend. Enjoy!

The Best Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

Here are some fabulous date night ideas for married couples, a special way to boost your libido (if you need it), and some ways to breathe refreshing into your marriage.

It’s so important to remember to fall in love with your husband over and over again, and that takes time and effort. Use these resources to help bring your marriage to a place of thriving delight.

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Date Night Ideas For Married Couples:

Breathe new life into your marriage:

Not “in the mood”? You can actually fix that. Seriously…

If you need some help finding the “want to,” take a peek at my friend Sheila’s Boost Your Libido course.

Have fun on your next date night! Drop a comment and tell us what your favorite Date Night idea is.
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