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At Home Date Ideas: Sweet & Spicy Ideas For Couples

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Here are some at home date ideas to nurture not only your love, but also keep that flame of connection burning brightly. Sweet and spicy date ideas abound — enjoy one tonight!

You have some time and you want to do something together, but you really don’t have the time to get dressed up, figure out where to go, find a sitter, and go do something before you’re ready to fall asleep.

Because let’s face it, it’s been a long week.

You know your marriage needs intentional attention and you certainly don’t want to neglect your relationship with your husband, but it’s hard to feel romantic after breaking up sibling squabbles all day, cleaning the house the for the 786th time this week, and scraping old toothpaste off the hallway wall.

What if you could just stay at home, have a sweet time of relaxing together, and maybe spice things up just a tad? Date nights don’t have to be elaborate, expensive, or out of the house. In fact, a well chosen at home date night can be the exact thing you need!

I promise, you can have fun and connect without ever getting in the car (or out of your yoga pants!).

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Why Your Marriage Needs An At Home Date Night

You might think that you’re to invest any more time into your marriage. After all the kids need you now, the house isn’t going to clean itself, and the grocery fairy took the decade off.

Marriage is critically important. Not just to you, but also to God’s plan. He created the institution of marriage and He calls you His bride. In Isaiah 54:5 He says that He is your husband. Marriage matters.

If you’re having a hard time getting in the mood, think about it earlier in the day. We ladies can take longer than our husband’s to unwind enough to get in the mood, and preparing for it really can help.

Start thinking about the things you love about your husband. Remember a moment that makes your heart happy and your face smile. Maybe text him a little love note so he knows you’re thinking of him and getting ready.

If your feelings aren’t there, you might need to push them in the right direction. After all, there’s no need to be a slave to your emotions. And if you’re not able to do it by yourself, pray about it. God cares.

Consider showering, shaving, and wearing something that makes you feel like a million bucks. It can be a little black dress or your favorite yoga pants and some mascara on your lashes.

Also? Ylang ylang and sweet orange essential oils have been known to help enhance your responsiveness. Diffuse some during your at home date night to help enhance your mood.

And if it’s more than that, invest in the Boost Your Libido course by a beautiful woman of faith, Sheila Gregoire, who has amazing resources to take your marriage to the next level.

at home date night ideas

At Home Date Ideas: Sweet & Simple

The sweet moments in marriage sustain for the trials that are going to come. And if you’re in one of those trying seasons right now, it’s even more important to slow down (even if you don’t want to) and create some loving time together.

Dance Together — even if it’s only for a moment

One of my most romantic moments of all time with my husband happened in my grandmother’s kitchen. It became a defining moment in our marriage, even though it had been a spontaneous occurrence instead of something we intentionally crafted.

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However, since then we’ve made it a point to dance together on purpose. I dare you to do it, too. Hit up YouTube for some romantic dancing songs or fire up Amazon Music (free trial here!) or get out a CD you both enjoy.

At-home date idea in the kitchen for romance

Cuddle Up & Watch A Movie

Fire up Amazon Prime or rent a digital movie from them and never even have to leave the house. Make your favorite appetizers, light some candles, and settle in.

Sit & Talk…and Plan

Get cozy in something cute and comfortable, make some hot cocoa or a chai latte and sit and talk. Consider dreaming together and about something you’d like to do in within the next 12 months. Then pick a date and start making a plan.

Maybe you want to hike part of the Appalachian Trail? Awesome, pick a spot, reserve a B&B room, maybe make a packing list.

Perhaps you want to visit a city you’ve never been to? Book an Air BNB and read some articles on the top 10 attractions in that town.

Or maybe you want to take some time to play tourist in your very own city! Great — pick 3 restaurants and 3 sites you’ve never been to and put the dates on your calendar.

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At Home Date Ideas: Spice It Up

So you and I both know your husband is going to be all for this idea! But did you know that God is, too? Yes, sweet friend, God wants you to enjoy your marriage and spice things up!

So how can you do this, other than just hopping into bed and having sex (but hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, either!)?

Add A Foot or Shoulder Rub To The Mix

Sitting on the couch? Exchange some foot rubs or shoulder massages. Enjoy touching one another and also giving each other some physical relaxation coupled with pleasure.

You’re way more apt to enjoy one another once you let go of some stress. And foot rubs and shoulder massages are a great way to do that!

Make it even more relaxing by adding some candles, jazz music, and maybe a glass of wine.

Couple at home date idea list
Romantic Couple Lying On Sofa At Home

Make It A Full Body Massage

Next, consider moving it to the bedroom and making it a full body massage. Grab some coconut oil (or this awesome massage oil) and go to town.

Your sheets might get some oil stains on them, but it’s well worth it. I stopped stressing that because a massage and enjoying my marriage was way more important than the sheets no one else sees but us!

Play A Game

No, not Monopoly. A sexy game like Truth & Dare that will help edge you out of your comfort zone and into some new ways to enjoy each other.

Invitation to get your free truth and dare date night game printable

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