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4 Seasons of Waiting on God For Your Needs

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Don’t you just love the changing of the seasons? I’m not sure if daffodils are my favorite flower simply because I like them, or because they are the first pop of color after a drab and lifeless winter.

Likewise, that first cool snap of air combined with the fragrances of pumpkin spice and burning leaves makes me deliriously happy because it comes on the heels of a sweltering summer.

What about you? What is your favorite season? Have you ever thought about it in relation to the season preceding it?

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Waiting On God For What You Need

Life has seasons, too. And sometimes the only thing that can be said for the season you’re in is that it will be over eventually.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that He is Lord over all of your life and that includes the season you are in right now, too.

I will bless my people and their
homes around
 my holy hill.

And in the proper season
I will send the showers they need.
There will be showers of blessing.
~Ezekiel 34:26

Do you see it? “And in the proper season, I will send the showers they need.”

The needed showers (already established), but God did not send them yet because it wasn’t the proper season.


Waiting on God in the Wilderness Season

Sometimes you feel like you’re in the wilderness. Things are barren and wild and out of control. God is there, both in the waiting and in the deliverance.

It’s in the waiting that He speaks to you and teaches you about Himself, like He did for both Sarah and Hagar. And at the “proper time,” He gives you exactly what you need as a “shower of blessing.” Read more about that in: Waiting in the Wilderness for God to Keep His Word

Waiting on God in the Desert Season

The nation of Israel wandered in the desert for forty years. They were about 2 weeks away from their destination, but God had a lot to teach them about who He was and what it meant to trust Him.

Are you in a desert season? What is God trying to teach you? Here are some tips for making it through until the “proper season” of provision comes:  When Life Feels Like One Giant Desert Season

Waiting on God in the Stormy Season

Perhaps you are being tossed to and fro by the storms of life and you feel like you’re in the middle of a hurricane. How on earth do you survive that season?

Well, for one thing, you know it won’t last forever and God will provide a way out at the “proper time.” Read more about having perfect peace throughout this season here:  The One Secret You Need For Perfect Peace In Any Storm

Waiting on God in the Lonely Season

Have you ever felt abandoned? Alone and afraid? It’s really hard to wait on God’s blessings in those seasons. But they do come.

And in the waiting time you learn who God is and how to trust Him more. Even that is sweet. Remember these 3 things when God leaves you stranded in a lonely season.

Waiting on God in the Season of Blessing

Well, this one might be a bit easier than the others, don’t you think? After the dry times and the hard times come the showers of blessing. “At the proper time” God will send them. Are you ready? Just trust God. Trust Him to be who He says He is. He will not disappoint you!

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